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The past year has been given a bad rep for Houma because there have been a few murders and whatnot, but a few of said murders have actually been from folks who aren't even from around here! The Police are EVERYWHERE and not in a bad way. They know us all on a personal level. You can see a cop standing around, walk up and have a nice conversation with them. There are no racial prejudiced issues between cops and minorities. We often find the Caucasian people down here are what get into the most trouble. Cops are just a phone call away and are at your door at the appropriate response time. There are 5 cops living down my street, and this is an upstanding neighborhood! I only rate the crime great instead of 5/5 because as a woman, I still refuse to walk the streets at night alone, no matter how great crime can be.
I've been back and forth to this area since I was a child, so I have seen this area grow over the years. In the past, this area wasn't much to look at. It was a literal "Small Town" where everything was within walking distance. But over the years, we have managed to catch up with the "outside world" and even though our small community now has a population in the 1X,XXXs, every single person here knows one another. Strangers always go out of their way to help and get to know one another. There's such a rich culture in just this one area that I wouldn't trade it for the world.
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Houma offers pretty much every store I personally need. There are tons of grocery stores, gas stations, clothing stores, etc. I do not shop at lots of "private businesses," and to be honest, I do not notice them much. I'm more of a Walmart/Target kind of person.
Personally, I like the fact that Louisiana is always so warm. It feels better to me, and it's more beneficial to my health. The biggest concern here is hurricane season, but it's not always a concern.
At this point, crime is not a widespread issue in this area. However, as it continues to rapidly become more populated, crime is also increasing.
This is a very populated area, so there are not many places that are not taken up by houses. I have not visited the areas that are open.
While this area has among the lowest unemployment rates in the country, the variety of jobs is lacking. If you focus on areas like technology, like I do, it is very difficult to find work other than retail stores, small businesses, or self-driven ventures.
I have no memory of ever seeing an empty house here that wasn't quickly filled. Housing prices can range from reasonable to completely outrageous. To my knowledge, the west side of town is the best place to live.
As far as public events go, I'm sure you could find something if you looked hard enough. There's nothing that regularly attracts tourists except for possibly Mardi Gras every February.
While I cannot comment on every type of store we have here, I can say we have nearly everything you could possibly need within a 20 minute drive. We have everything from mom and pop businesses to large chain stores.
It's commonly said that southern people are among the kindest you will find in the country. This area has many people who prove that fact.
There is no shortage whatsoever of places to eat here. Every place I've frequented has great service, great cooks, and rarely get orders wrong. I'm particularly find of El Paso and Olive Garden.
As I said before, the quality of roads here are severely lacking compared to other places around the country. Parking availability is usually not an issue, though.
Public services like the library are great here, but other services like road maintenance are terrible.
Great place to raise a family. Many friendly people.
This is the best place I've lived so far.
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