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I have lived in Bayonne for about 20 years now. It's a quiet little town located very close to NYC. Very convenient for commuters. That fact that is so close to NYC, makes Bayonne a nice place to live however Bayonne needs to invest more on education. With would be great to have some nice places to shop to as well. Bayonne lacks of nice coffee shops and gourmet restaurants. It has a beautiful waterfront that apparently, it's going to be redesigned. Bayonne also has a interesting history and beautiful library.
I have lived in Bayonne since I was 14 I am now 47 I love this place. It is pretty safe . I like to school system.
one of the smallest cities in New jersey . you can call it a town if you want. all its streets are parallel to each other named alphabetically, Avenue A, B, Kennedy, C, Broadway, E , And Avenue F then one major high way which connects two states ( New York and New Jersey). The small town consists of 64 crossed streets. the city over looks the river and to Manhattan, New York City. you can see the empire state, Statue of liberty; as a matter of fact, Bayonne is 10 minutes away from the Statue of Liberty Park where you have access to the Ferry and to the ticket office where you can book your ticket to get inside the statue of liberty.
Bayonne has great places for food from different cultures. there are major supermarkets accessible by transportation. parking there is fun.
nice and decent neighbor hood . very safe , cops are always in the streets in their cars .
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This town is great to raise children. The public schools are very good! It is a small town not to far from NYC, but because it is so small everyone knows each other and the police are on top of everything that happens within the city. My children are very happy there and I would definitely purchase a home within the next 5 years.
It was excellent! Neighbors are friendly but you still have to watch out for sneaky and nosy neighbors. Overall the parks, streets, library and local bars are awesome!
I spent my whole life in Bayonne and enjoyed every minute of it. I love that there's plenty of places to go that's walkable distance. The park is a pleasant place to sit, walk, run, etc. There are plenty of nice places to order or go out to eat. There are also many shops and stores to shop at around town. The schools are good, the people you meet in them become long time friends. There are some issues many citizens have with the local government but overall it isn't a bad place.
Bayonne is a relatively quiet place. Aside from the growing obvious drug problem that we see in this very small town. I think it would help if people had more things to do in town. Instead, children drink and smoke at parks and houses at all hours of the night.
I like living here, the crime rate is good and its a nice place overall. I have been here for about 3 years now and it has been a good experience.
I had to get out of New Jersey asap! As soon as i graduated high school i left and i never plan to live back there again. Its terrifying walking the streets of Bayonne. You hear so many shooting incidents and robberies and break ins and it made me very scared at the age of 16. I have actually heard actual gun shots when i was 9 years old walking at night with my mother (thought it was fireworks until i saw the news the next morning, yikes). I dont like the people there they make me feel let down and disappointed because everyone has so much potential but a good majority of people there will NOT strive for the best in life. They strive for the drugs, the weapons, and the unimportant negative things and it makes me sad. The whole town is poorly kept, disgusting houses, different smells on every block, nasty looks directed toward u every where u go, bed bugs in every house hold. Its like no one there WANTS to live healthy and clean. Snow cant stay white for whole day here. Teachers, employees, neighbors, families, animals, etc are all gross and mean and trust me Ive experienced it all. Ive lived here since i was 5 years old and now that im 18 and i have left for college out of state (im sure u can guess why) i want to say i am not proud to call this my "hometown" or even "home". I hope someone can make a change in that poor city, something needs to be done in there but no one there cares about their own well being enough to even try for change. the atmosphere is gray and full of negativity. I could only see the town growing in population (for some strange reason) but it wont change in any other way.
Prices are too high for what the homes are really worth.
The people here are only concerned with themselves and are very un-accepting to new comers. Especially those who are immigrants to the country.
The roads are always being worked on but they are not being fixed, nothing is getting better.
The city I live in is slowly falling. More people are moving in bringing from the neighboring cities, bringing the crime rate higher
Not sure about this. It happens, but I think most of it is kept on the low. If something big happens you'll definitely here about it.
Okay place to live. I've lived here my entire life so there isn't much to get excited about anymore. I would describe the town as quaint, but also trying to keep up with the times. Since rent in the city is ridiculously expensive, more condos and townhouses are being built to fit the needs of millennials who work in the city. I feel like kids and teens have a lot more to do here than say.. college students, who are 21 and over. Usually hanging out at friends' houses and going to parties is enough for us, but if you're looking for nightlife this is not the place. One thing I would like is more variety when it comes to food. More and more people are eating at places that sell organic food, vegan options, or just healthy food in general. We have too many pizza places, Chinese spots, and not enough healthy options. But if you are looking for that type of food we have many great places to grab NY style pizza (tastes amazing), great bagels, and a really awesome ice cream spot. Overall not a bad place to live if you want a slice of suburbia but still want to be close to the city.
Lately things have been changing around here with more police patrolling areas at random. It took lots of incidents to happen for things to change. Sadly, the police take their time getting somewhere, even if it's an emergency. Things are better than they used to be but they really could and should be better.
Nothing bad really happens around but there are cops who rome around the city when it gets darker so it seems safer.
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It is very comfortable and quiet... not so much going on. There isn't much to do to keep busy. Very different from where I grew up in Jersey City where there was always something going on or something to do/attend.
I feel very safe in my neighborhood. The neighbors all seem to know each other and are cooperate in making it a safe and comfortable place to raise a family.
Bayonne has a small town feel, but it is minutes from New York City. It has easy and inexpensive transportation options into NYC where entertainment, restaurants, cultural venues, and sports venues abound!
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