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Crime in my area isn't terrible, but that doesn't mean I'd walk down the street by myself. The cops come to my neighborhood about once every two weeks, they don't stay for long so I assume the crimes aren't too drastic. While driving down the road you'll see a cop every 3 miles or so, which is good.
Honestly, I don't care for the area that I live in. It seems as though everyone is sitting around doing nothing, not contributing to society what so ever. I would not live in this area in the future, it would be about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. I believe this area is going to get worse as time progresses, more drug addicts and alcoholics are going to move in and continue contributing nothing to society.
I chose to live here because the homes in the area were affordable on one income. The crime was low. The schools are low to average. If i had a better income I would probably move somewhere else. There are a lot of homeless and drug abusers in the general area. The neighborhoods are either working class or elderly. There business's in the area seem to come and go pretty quickly. Overall I would say the majoroity of people living in the county are at the povertly level.
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The houses are ridiculously expensive and they are not quality houses in a quality area. There are people on drugs at every corner. The cops are no help when it comes to crimes. On the plus side, there used to be shootings, homeless people, and break-ins, and now there isn't a lot of crimes going on. Thank goodness because the cops would never help anyway.
There are shootings, robberies, drug deals. When you call the police they do not do anything.
There is nothing to see and nothing is taken care of. The woods are always littered and there are no nearby parks.
There are multiple abandoned properties in this area that aren't being taken care of and the prices for these tiny houses are ridiculous.
The only bad thing is the flooding. But it doesn't impact my life. When it is hurricane season, I have to wear tennis shoes and stay out of my bedroom because there is a tree by my window that can crash.
The food is great and I couldn't ask for anything better. You have everything, from a little restaurant on the beach, to a diner, to a formal restaurant that serves fantastic food.
People post jobs in this area all the time, yet when you send in an application, the hiring manager never reviews any of the applications.
It is great that I have everything I need in a small area, including a mall, a walmart, and grocery stores all around. However, some of the businesses, such as convenient stores or laundromats, are uncomfortable to be in as a young woman. People always get harassed by drug dealers or other people that are trying to pick a fight. It is very unsafe.
We really just have a list of sex offenders and where they live. Other than that if you need police, call them
It's Florida. It rains. Just have to make sure you are prepared and know the flood zone. Watch the weather and have a plan should something come up
There are a lot of opportunities however they are mostly working at wal mart or something similar
All chain restaurants and fast food places. No mom and pop places that are great
The mall in our area is awful... Local businesses aren't really around until you get 10-20 min out. around a half hour out you can find some mom and pop shops but you have to get to Tarpon Springs area
I guess its great. Every time something happens they are there right away.
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Its Florida, the weather jumps around all crazy no matter where you are. The weather is okay.
Most of the food places are fast food, or Olive Garden. I love Olive Garden and the Seafood Alfredo is my favorite. Other than that its basic.
Pasco isn't terrible but its not the best place on Earth. I don't think I've ever seen self owned shops, it's mostly Walmart and big retail shops. Most of the time I go to Clearwater for things.
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