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Varied entertainment establishments, a municipal library and very safe. There's a lot of apartments and studios affordable for a student.
I´ve lived in Bayamon for the last 15 years. And I love it. They say if you live in Bayamon, you never have to leave, because there´s literally everything you´ll ever need.
Bayamon es una ciudad hermosa y grande. Tienes muchos lugares de intereses social. Es una ciudad bonita con gente muy calidad. La seguridad es bastante buena y cuenta con muchas areas de diversion.
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Crime rarely ever occurs in this area. There are not many incidents that go on related to rape, murder, vandalism, burglary or others. The police do regular rounds during high hours of the night. One topic that does concern me when it comes to safety in the area is the fact that in some places there are abandoned cars or buildings that pave the way for the propagation of pest and improper use of the structure. I would like to see these issues being addressed because they are not only crime and safety issues but they also threaten the health of citizens adjacent to the area.
The area where I live has a very calm and atmosphere where crime rarely ever happens. I wouldn't change this area for any other because it is very well localized given the fact that it is concentric and of easy access to many crucial other places like hospitals, schools, universities, supermarkets, banks, etc. I see improvement for this area in a near future because the major y always working towards bettering the city.
Puerto Rico as a whole has a big issue with crime and safety. There are a lot of home assaults, theft, car jackings. Police is not very visible even though in communities where there is a comittee it tends to be a little more visible and involved. We live in constant fear of being in the middle of a drug shooting or lost bullet. Night and day we don't feel secure on the streets and even our homes.
Bayamon is part of the metropolitan area of Puerto Rico. There is a lot of shopping, medical facilities, colleges and it is accessible by train. Being a busy city crime is always an issue but local goverment is involved and takes care of many of issues. I rank this area in the top 10th percent of the country. I would choose to live here again. If reestructuring of city is accomplished and more employment opportunities are created this city will stay on the top 10th per cent.
I was raised here and I came back later in life. It's mostly an area with old friendly folks who've lived here most of their lives. This place is my forever HOME! I would repeat my experiences if I could, the good and the not so good too.
The area is so peaceful and the people are so friendly that it makes you feel at home.
Employment in this area is greatly influenced by the big chain stores in the malls and retail shops.
Salaries here are too low for most jobs compared to the U.S. mainland.
There are many mayor chain stores here such as Walgreens, CVS, Sears, Walmart etc.
It is a tropical island so we have an occasional hurricane.
Many of my neighbors do not care how the community looks. There is very little evidence of social structure within the area.
There is no sense of community involvement in making the community better.
There are problems with parking too many pot holes and it is hard to use public transportation.
The city has many parks and shopping centers.
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One of the problems in my area is that when I have told the mayor of issues that need to be addressed in my community , his answer is that citizens have to file a police report and go to court. This has to be done for issues that in reality should be identified and attacked by the city authorities not the citizens.
There is an area nearby called Miramar which has a variety of small, fancy restaurants. There is also a great variety of bakeries that have very good breakfast. As for drinking, there are several wine places as well as the local bars (these aren't very nice).
Police , fireman & ambulance are almost always LATE
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