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I love living in this city. We are located right on Lake Erie, and have a lot of green space. I am happy to live in such a family friendly community. There is a true sense of community which I feel a part of!
Bay Village is a safe family friendly suburb area. The lake is a couple of blocks away. Within walking distance. There is a lot of at-home day cares with experienced nannies and babysitters. There is a lot to do for free; such as, the nature center, libraries, parks, beach, animal shelters. Children love it. As a new mom, I am very happy to know my child will grow in this area.
Bay Village is a nice and safe suburb. It is very small with a lot of great green space but lacks dining and shopping options. The people are overly kind, though they can often fall into elitist behavior, stereotypical of the "Bay Bubble".
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Bay Village is a small, family-friendly community located on Lake Erie. Bay Village prides itself on its K-12 public education system. With an average of 200 kids per grade level, the student to staff ratio is impressively low. In addition to the school system, Bay Village is known for its multiple scenic parks. Huntington Park offeres a modest stretch of beautiful beach. The Bay Village Parks and Recreation Center makes good use of Bay Village's many parks, providing families and children plenty of oportunities for recreational sports and events, family movie nights and summer time swimming fun!
Crime has risen in the area since we have moved here.
High School here doesn't seem to care about students who are not in Sports or going to College. Academics are shoved down the kids throats.
Weather in Cleveland can be compared to a 'Jekyll and Hyde' scenario. One day you can have blue skies with a shining sun and 70 degrees, and the the next you're huddling in your home staring out at the pouring rain and chilly weather that brings on snow. When summer hits, it's beautiful. But when winter comes, it's the worst. Snow storms aren't unknown around these parts. In fact, during the winter there can be an accumulation of several feet of snow. If I had any choice in the matter, I'd most likely live in N.E. Ohio for only 7 months out of the year; when its warm and sunny and utterly beautiful. The remaining months would be gladly spent in a warmer climate, far away from the bipolar weather that wreaks havoc on Ohioans during the dreary winter days.
The variety of food and drink places in Northeast Ohio appears endless. From unique hole in the wall restaurants to night clubs, bars and the standard chains, there isn't a shortage on places to choose from. The West Side Market, a popular attraction for tourists and natives alike, brings together a medley of ethnic food and drinks into one place that allows attendees to try a little bit of each at once. The historical importance of this place brings back memories and hints of the different cultures that immigrated and settled in the N.E. Ohio area during the 20th century and allows it to continue to influence today's residents and visitors.
Compared to other parts of the country, job opportunities in Ohio are not as scarce. A person can find a relatively decent paying job in the North, providing they have some semblance of education. In the South, it appears as though the majority of jobs revolve around the textile industry, and even then the pay isn't very much. Ohio's employment has a minimum wage that, while it isn't the highest in the nation, for the standard of living in the state, it appears to be a semi-acceptable amount for most people. Granted, there are those who do not have an education past high school. These people generally do not receive jobs paying higher than minimum wage. However, for those who have gone beyond high school and received an associate's degree, technical certificate, bachelor's degree or beyond, the pay is far beyond minimum wage. The manufacturing and steel industry in Northeast Ohio is what the majority of employees are involved in.
There are a relatively moderate amount of local businesses in the area. However, there seems to be more big companies than the old fashioned 'mom-and-pop- shops that were present in past decades. The typical businesses include those that are native only to Ohio. Drug Mart, Marc's, these are standard businesses that us Ohioans (at least in the Northeast) rely on for our daily runs. Each town has their own convenience stores, but for the most part, they aren't very individualistic.
I'm shocked how many people return to this area after college.
We have camped throughout the area. There are many good places to go and get away.
We love it here. It is a great place for families.
Very few issues. We feel like we are in a little haven (a bubble even).
Love the different seasons. Really enjoy our fall.
Lots of local businesses here. They don't advertise a lot so its best if you know someone who knows the area, but they are great once one finds them.
The worst weather here is snow, so be prepared for slow driving days. Other than that everything is manageable.
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Many houses look beautiful, but because they were built during the 50's and 60's many have some repair problems.
The crime that happens here is very low key, mostly alcohol abuse, so it doesn't affect me much. Overall a pretty safe place to be.
The jobs here are very specific to the agriculture and universities here. If interested in one of those areas than this is a wonderful spot, but other than that it is limited.
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