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Bay St. Louis Reviews

13 reviews
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I like the historical setting of The Old Town Bay st. Louis Downtown. What needs Improvement is more attractions and and productive family entertainment.
The police are always around to help us. We never really have any crime here. Like i said it is a very loving and happy area.
This place I call home is where I am happy. Everyone here is so kind and loving. It is so small that you know everyone. There is just no place I would rather be.
The town isn't interesting, but I love my friends.
I prefer rain and no shine.
Not too many jobs of variety or quality.
There are attractions, but they are not my type.
Mississippi has the worst health.
There isn't much public service.
Nothing here is too bad; they are all average.
I have no real opinion about this issue.
It's not my type of community.
It's an okay place, but I would rather away.
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