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27 reviews
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I like bayshore because it has a diverse community. The economic state would be middle class. It seems like a safe and friendly neighborhood.
Bay Shore is a tranquil town, easy to navigate and family friendly. There is always something to do especially at night. Multiple parks and entertainment centers. Night life is fun and people is respectful.
Been here for 8 years. Couldn't be happier with the diversity and awesome schools. The cost of living is higher than we would like but it's NY state living. Unfortunately we will be likely to move further south once the children have all graduated but it's a lovely place to live in general.
There's never really been any crimes on this neighborhood
In this neighborhood there are all types of people and for the most part we live happily next to each other wothout any problems. It's a lovely neighborhood we have block party's and tend to enjoy other events on this neighborhood.
Typical for the makeup of this town
I've lived here all my life and it keeps getting better.
The prevalence of crime appears to be increasing. There have been several shootings in a nearby complex within the past couple of months. I genuinely feel safe, however I wish there was a way to decrease the violence and burglaries.
Unfortunately, crime in the area appears to be getting worse. People do not seem to be taking care of their properties as well as they used to. Bay Shore is a very great town, however I would like to move out of my specific area.
I have heard that in neighboorhoods in BayShore there are serious crimes but thank God not in mine
The area is quiet and neighboors are friendly.
Bay Shore overall isn't very exciting.
I grew up in this amazing town that provided one of the best education I seen. The side of town that I live in is predominately white but as for the school system there is an incredible amount of diversity. The atmosphere of the town is suburban yet has a busy and upbeat feeling that surges throughout the town. If I could do it all over again, I would choose to grow up here because it's a relatively close-knit town that makes it point of duty to take care of its own especially during those horrible hurricanes seasons that affect us from time to time.
I'm a minor so I'm not entirely sure how to answer this question but I live down the road from a level 2 trauma center hospital and that makes me feel safe.
There is some crime in some areas but the police respond quickly and keep the public safe.
I love living in Bay Shore. There is such a strong community aspect and it's very homey and loving.
The four seasons are amazing. The falls are beautiful and the springs are fantastically peaceful. The winters are cold and the summers are hot but I wouldn't trade the four seasons for anything in the world.
i love the restaurants in this area
There are a variety of business in the area
All of the businesses are fantastic!
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