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I have lived in Bay Point for over 10 years. The neighborhood is friendly and easy to get along with, a type of place where everybody knows everybody. Somewhere where you can raise a family who have values and understanding culture.
I've been living here for around 6 years now and my experience has been pleasant. The town lacks some funding for schools mainly, but it is much more safer than it was years prior.
There has only been one reported attempted theft.
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I didn't choose "great" because it can get boring.
The houses in my neighborhood generally have 3 bedrooms. Unfortunately, these homes are packed with several generations of families so many people are in one room and are often converting garages and/or living rooms into bedrooms. Due to all the adults in the houses, parking is terrible because there are so many cars.

We have one decent grocery store (Safeway) which is a bit run down and not stocked as well as other Safeways in better communities.

There is nothing here. Our town needs a complete overhaul!
I wish there was some kind of trust between neighbors but unfortunately due to past experiences, not many people trust those around them. We havent had any theft or crime happen close to our neighborhood but theres always a good person who calls it out or lets us know if something was bound to happen.
We have no health facilities in this area such as hospitals or emergency care. We only have Walgreens who works as my visit to the hospital when i need it.
We have a beautiful trail that cuts through four cities in the East Bay (or more). We also have Mount Diablo in our backyard where people could go hike. We have Black Diamond Mines in Antioch only ten minutes away where you could hike and have a beautiful picnic as well as the Marina.
The weather is not as bad as we think. We have had nice weather, but unfortunately not enough rain. We are usually sunny in summer and cold in the winter. We happen to be near the delta so a lot of cold wind when in the winter.
There's no restaurants that you'd want to go out on a date in. There are also no bars or clubs for nightlife. everything closes early except Safeway.
Theres not many places to apply and if you do find somewhere it probably be safeway, walgreens, or check and cash. There's more people living in this are than businesses so theres a higher competition for those who would like to work near home.
We only have a couple mom-and pops, which are slightly better than fast food chains. Safeway is the biggest grocery store, walgreens following right after it. We don't have retail shops, nor gyms. There's not much to do in this little city.
everyone commutes to their job
some houses need more maintenance
not much naturalife in the area
no retail shops or major stores. we need a target or walmart and we need fancier restaurants
theres crime but only if you expose yourself
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lots of fast food places and hispanic food
not a place to sightsee. it's nice if you live here but boring if you're just visiting
looks very bad but its actually really peaceful and feels pretty safe
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