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Bay City is a small town community where everyone helps each other. Bay City is starting to grow from in coming job opportunities provided by Tanaris. Bay City needs more places for people to have a hang out and spend time socially.
Living in Bay City I have saw so many young people give up on their dreams. My experience here has given me an opportunity to volunteer at the local Nursing Home Facilities. While volunteering I would take my allowance and by cards, candy and small tokens to give out during the holidays. I would also lead the Bingo games with the residents that lived there. I see a lot of old buildings setting empty when more buildings are being built up. I wish there was more here for us teenagers to do besides the bowling alley. We need a skating rink and a movie theater. Bay City does have beautiful parks, lots of places to eat , some shopping centers and plenty of hotels to stay. Bay City is a small country town where everyone smiles and speak. Everyone knows everyone here and your children are still able to play outside where the parents does not have to worry if they have to sneak away for a second. Bay City is my hometown and I am proud to be a Black Cat.
I have not been in the area for long, but my parents recently had a vehicle broken into. Thanks to a reliable security system, nothing high in value seemed to have gone missing. The police handled the situation through standardized reports.
I have not lived here for that long of a period, but from the past times I have visited, up until my recent relocation, I have always enjoyed the area!
Safest neighborhood in the city.
This area is extremely safe and very friendly.
I have very little concern for safety or crime.
Love this town and it is a decent size with a small town feel.
It's not terrible here. Lot's of vandalism, and occasionally the horrific happens, but either the news keeps it hush hush, or you just don't see much going around. (Also it's like, a tiny town, crime isn't really going to be rampant)
The area is rather bland and boring, there's not much to do, and when there is something it gets destroyed. (literally, we had a movie theater, it got destroyed, we had a bowling alley, it got destroyed, they keep insisting on all these chinese restaurants and they all get destroyed! But hey, it's still not the worst living spot.)
visible police department, feel safe, little to no crime
no traffic, would probably choose to live where the climate is cooler
Every other year or so we will get hurricanes or tropical storms. It rains a lot some years and some years we never get rain, its kind of a hit or miss.
Our job opportunities are okay. we could improve
We have a variety of unique places to eat. We have steak houses, Mexican food, Chinese food and more.
Bay City Texas, is a very unique town. We are the face of Matagorda County. Since we have a new Stainless pipe plant that's being built named Tenaris, the town's population grows every day. We have everything other than a mall and a movie theatre. We have a bowling alley, we live 25 miles from the beach (Matagorda), and twice a year we have the fair come to town. There is several bars and nice restaurants for adults to enjoy. From country cooking to true Hispanic foods we have it all. We have several local boutiques and three nice gyms. We have everything you need in the small town of Bay City. Hopefully as we grow we will progress and upgrade or town entertainment and night life. Maybe we will soon have a mall and more things for teens and children to do.
Public services take forever to fix issues. Generally pretty rude too.
It's pretty hot/warm most of the year. Around winter the weather fluctuates. Hurricane season can be a scare, but generally they hit just above or below. I haven't been in a tornado yet, but it cant happen. Otherwise, it's pretty normal weather.
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