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Bay City has many summer activities to Allen's and enjoy whether your single or have a family. There is always something to do in Bay City!
Bay City is a wonderful town for families. There is always something to do. It's not a big city and so it still has a neighborhood kind of feel to it, but it's large enough that you have most of the amenities that a city offers.
Bay City is an upcoming town that has lots of historical value and at the same time has major developments arising in the area!
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Bay city is a nice place with a great list of events throughout the year. However I would like to see some kind of family fun restaurant like a chuck e cheese or Dave and busters
I have lived in Bay City since I was seven years of age. I think the city is average but it has the potential to be greater. One thing I would like to see change is people's efforts to make it a better place. Working together as a community will do that.
Bay City is a perfect city for a woman like me. I grew up in Chicago and desperately needed to downsize as the "big city" life is not my cup of tea. Thankfully, my husband and I had the opportunity to move here in 2016 and we couldn't be happier with our choice.
What I love about Bay City is the unity the community has during the summer and spring months. My city recently had Dow invest money to improve our downtown area, which has brought new business interest and job creation. Downtown also is a safe area for children of all ages, with an ice-cream parlor/ candy store down the street from a park, and plenty of sidewalks for kids to ride their bikes or skateboard. In the summer, a program called "Movies in the Park" runs on Tuesdays. At this weekly event, a huge projector is brought out to the pavilion. People and the community can bring themselves with chairs and or blankets and enjoy Disney classics or classics in general. Refreshments are served like popcorn and beverages buy children, with the help of an adult of course, to give them a brief introduction to the workforce. If by chance it happens to rain, the film gets moved to the state theatre to keep everyone dry. In both instances, the film viewing is free.
Bay City has a rich heritage from the timber and ship-building industries. People are aware of and interested in this heritage. There is support for the arts, but it could be more. Most people work in either service or heavy industry.

The river and the bay are nice attractions, but there could be more nature areas.
Bay City is a small town in Northern Michigan. It's located right on the Saginaw Bay. I love living here because of the variety of water sports available to participate in.
Bay City, Michigan has an amazing 4th of July fireworks display! Love seeing all the events go on by the river. Everyone knows everyone, or is connected to them in someway. Although I cannot wait to move out of this small town, I am glad this is where I grew up!
Coming from a small town in the thumb of Michigan, I absolutely love Bay City. There is plenty to do as Bay City has numerous social events and gatherings throughout the year. My personal favorite is the rail trail in Bay City. There are numerous options for leading a healthy, active lifestyle.
Bay City is a lovely place to be. It is sprinkled with many little wonders. If you are ever in the area, I suggest a visit.
Bay City is an alright area. The schools aren't bad and depending on the area there are some really nice places. Downtown and Uptown are making it seem like there's a glimmer of hope of making the area better.
Very historic and interesting town. Lots of things to explore in every nook and cranny of the city. The downtown area is beautiful, as it sits right on the Saginaw River. Many smaller neighborhoods have a diverse nature to them on their own.
I have lived in Bay City for almost 12 years. It's a nice area with good job opportunity and a great art community. We have a lot of historical areas in Bay City. One of the great things about the area are the events and fairs during the Spring and Summer seasons. There is always an event to attend, concerts, fairs, etc.
Bay city is a small town. Not much to do and there are poor job opportunities available. It's a good place to visit for there festivals they have over the summer, and they have a great fourth of July celebration.
I've lived in Bay City my whole life, and it's always been a small community. Everyone seems to know everyone type of town. There isn't a lot to offer here anymore since the economy crashed in 2008. Our mall has been slowly going out of business, but businesses are trying in the area. The summer is always the best time since we have a lot of festivals, but once winter rolls around it's very dead. There are quite a few bars that people frequent. Food selection is okay, nothing extraordinary. I find that this is a good place to live if you're making decent money, but it's not a good place if you're on the lower end of the spectrum. I find that most residents never want any change in the area. Whenever it's brought up to do something different it always gets voted down. Then people turn around and complain that the city never does anything. I wish we would just bite the bullet and change up stuff for once.
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Bay City is a great town for all age groups. Currently there are many people taking an interest and investing in our historic downtown which has brought the value of our city higher. Bay City has a lot of things to do outdoors during the summer and is a very active and upbeat city.
It's a wonderful town to raise a family. The schools are wonderful, the area is pretty safe and it's still close enough to the big city to plan a day trip. There is plenty of shopping and restaurants in the area and you are right where the Saginaw River meets the Saginaw Bay so great for the beach, fishing, watersports or any out door activity!
Bay City is a quaint town teeming with potential. Recent years have seen the return of a younger generation who left the town to pursue greener pastures but were drawn back home. A newly revitalized downtown is home to a myriad of small local businesses ranging from cheese shops to record stores to cigar lounges. Bay City even went as far as expanding the area to create an entirely new district known as Uptown. There is never a shortage of things to do in town, with free weekly concerts in the park, annual festivals, and even one of the largest film festivals in all of Michigan. More of the nature type? Bay City conveniently contains an updated paved trail system stemming from neighboring counties all the way to our very own state park complete with a beachfront.
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