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Bay City is a quaint town teeming with potential. Recent years have seen the return of a younger generation who left the town to pursue greener pastures but were drawn back home. A newly revitalized downtown is home to a myriad of small local businesses ranging from cheese shops to record stores to cigar lounges. Bay City even went as far as expanding the area to create an entirely new district known as Uptown. There is never a shortage of things to do in town, with free weekly concerts in the park, annual festivals, and even one of the largest film festivals in all of Michigan. More of the nature type? Bay City conveniently contains an updated paved trail system stemming from neighboring counties all the way to our very own state park complete with a beachfront.
Bay City is improving its image with each passing year. Perhaps its proudest achievement was recently realized when its Tall Ship Celebration: Bay City was awarded the 2016 Port of the Year for the fourth time, cementing its status as the most awarded port city in all of North America!
There are some things that are available in the city to do. More than where I grew up. But this area is becoming one that is getting as bad as some other local areas. Crime is on the rise as well as a drug problem.
I love the use of river front that the city has, for parks, and commercial real estate. Downtown is being built up like Ann Arbor. Something is scheduled for almost every summer weekend.
Bay City is a small town about 10 miles from my home. It's convenient for shopping, food and small town festivals. There are 5 high schools. Crime is fairly low comparatively. I would love to see a few more businesses open on the north side.
Bay City is a fantastic spot for summer attractions. The downtown area boasts many festivals and events, such as the Tall Ships, the infamous Bay City Fireworks, and the Downtown Art Fair. There are many breathtaking views in Bay City, along the Saginaw River and by the Saginaw Bay.

In the winter, there is less entertainment. Most residents travel to nearby Frankenmuth to partake in Holiday activities. However, Bay City still has some exciting events in the winter, such as Sundays in the City, where downtown businesses participate in sales, promotions, giveaways and contests. There is also a free horse and carriage ride throughout downtown Bay City during Sundays in the City.
Bay City is a nice place to live. With Saginaw and Midland so close there are many job opportunities available within commuting distance. Bay City is safe for the most part. There are places that are not the most safe, however violence is not nearly as common as in Saginaw. Cost of living and the real estate market are both positives right now. The cost of living in the city is low, and there are many available homes in Bay City currently. Finally, the night life is not really existant. Midland street has bars for everyone, but there are no real clubs for late night parties. That being said, Bay City has recently been adding businesses and attractions to bring more attention. The uptown complex, Real Seafood, and the new YMCA are all recent changes for the better and I only see improvements in the town's future.
Not too big of a city, but a good amount of access to stores. Lots of small businesses ran by local people. Area is very community involved.
Bay City is located in the lower peninsula of Michigan. The saginaw River runs between the two downtown areas. We have lots of parks, the rail trail for biking and walking, and a festival almost every weekend throughout the summer. Our east side downtown is quaint with lots of antique shops and unique restaurants. Uptown is a new development with businesses, restaurants, condos, and parks. Many of the parks in Bay City offer free entertainment on weekday summer evenings.
In the part of Bay City that I live, there is not much crime. In Bay City as a whole there isn't much violent crimes. Every once in awhile you here about break ins and petty vandalism but I feel fairly safe in my area.
I like that there are many festivals and things to do. I am originally from a very rural area but where I live they allow me to have a few chickens, which is great. The mall here leaves a lot to be desired and it has for many years, especially after they got rid of Target and Sears. There are a lot of churches and community centers that are available to help those who need it, which is great.There are also many schools to choose from for my kids.
Most of the houses in my area are occupied.

I like to take my dogs out rollerblading and running and there are times that I have almost fallen on my face because I tripped on one of the holes in the sidewalk.
I enjoy living in my area because it is only a couple minutes by car to reach the downtown area where the most fun summer events take place. I have made many new friends and there's always something going on. When I was growing up my neighbor hood had a lot of crime with domestic violence and weapons. These days, ten years later, my neighborhood is very quiet and we never seem to ave any issues going on anymore.
I live in a fairly low crime area. Most crimes are petty crimes (breaking into people's cars, etc.).
There are not a lot of employment opportunities, and there has been a slight increase in crime, however, it is still a relatively safe area to live in and offers an abundance of activities every day throughout the summer for people of all ages.
There arent very many huge crimes around here.
The weather varies from time to time.
overpriced rental but to expensive to afford a move at this time
There are some areas that aren't safe but in relation to Saginaw's crimes and their proximity to my area, my area is much safer.
For the average income of a citizen in this city, I believe that housing is ridiculous. For a while we did have many abandoned places and factories. But the city is creating these locations and even building medical parks and new lofts/homes.
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