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Better than the inner city, but I'm still irritated that there were some robberies. Not the kind of thing I want to worry about.
On my specific street, I think there are finances wasted on things we don't want. They cut down a beautiful tree and paved an ugly, dirty road. Also, we think the city of Elkhart is planning to annex our neighborhood, and we don't want that, so we're irritated. At least some of us are. The nice rural community (if you could call it that) has a good feel to it, but there have been robberies in the past year that makes me paranoid.
The area that I live in is a dead end road, with some elderly people. Not many kids, nor young couples. I currently live behind the high school I graduated from. The view from the kitchen is great! If you love high school baseball, then you'll love the view from my house. At night, there are no lights to illuminate the road. So its not the best place to go out for a walk at night. But the overall place is calm, quite and peaceful. If you like a quite, sunny and peaceful place... my house is for you!
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There's not much to do in Elkhart. Once you've done something, you've done it. There's not much to do and if you feel adventurous you can take a trip to Chicago or Ft. Wayne for entertainment. It's not completely terrible though, the job market's picking up after the economic crash in 2008 and it's relatively inexpensive to live here.
really love it couldnt change it thought it has its ups and downs
i mean its a plus , i dont pay anything it could be worse.
weather is weather it happens what can we do about it .
not too bad .it could use more ideas . everything is just boring
it has been increasing as well as decreasing .it could really be just everywhere like this
about this local bussiness area , its okay it could use some more better ideas ,but then again it has some great things about it as well .
The number of above 60 degree days in this area is too few. Winter seems to drag on forever. Really only about 3 months that have ideal weather conditions.
There are many city, county, and state parks in the area. Most are above average in maintinance and cost to use. This is probably one of the best atributes of this area that is not utilized.
Plenty of shopping for most items. Mostly chain stores. Less mom-and-pop shops each year.
Under staffed and under paid city and county police. Drug manufacture, sales and use are above average in this community.
Under staffed and under paid city and county police. Very poor city government leadership. Political leadership in regards to education is poor at the local and state level.
Average midwestern community. I probably would choose to live somewhere south of here if I were to do over. The area id recovering from a big hit in the recent recession but I don't see things ever being as good as they were.
For the most part a friendly comminity. Becoming more and more diverse. Hispanic population is the fastest growing ethnicity. Somewhat economically depressed with an above average unemployment rate.
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Their are tourism opportunities in this area, but I would not consider this area a popular destination for vacations.
In the city good sidewalks, parks with walking and riding paths. Roadway quality is improving.
There are plenty of exercise facilities in this area, both public and private. The healthcare facilities are also plentiful and accessible in this area.
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