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Some of the officers aren't so good, but there are more good than bad, and those keep us safe without out over stepping their boundaries
Its a little far from shopping but it's a quiet family town that looks after each other.
Absolutely beautiful here! Just a short drive to the mountains and camping. Lots of outdoor activities for all ages.
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Crime rates are low and the law enforcement officers take care of things.
It's a pretty quiet town, but when things arise, they are taken care of.
This particular winter has not been kind to us with very little moisture. The climate and weather here is mild, with few below freezing days. It is very warm during the summer, which makes for a good growing season.
This is an oilfield town and with the economic downturn, jobs are scarce.
The BBQ joint is awesome! There is one bar here, and i have not been there yet.
The grocery store is a bit expensive, but they have a good variety of products and friendly staff. The local BBQ joint is amazing, with great food and awesome staff. The gas stations I have frequented are clean and most of them have a nice staff. I have been to one of the mom and pop shops and it is a great store! It's a trinket/gift store and they have a great selection and the owners are very nice people.
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