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Overall, I am not very fond of the neighborhood in Battlefield that I live in. Most of the surrounding houses are very run-down and fairly old. The streets are very narrow and it's very easy to run off the road or possibly even hit a mailbox (this hasn't happened to me yet surprisingly). I happen to live on the side of town that is pretty far away from all of the "fun" things to do in Springfield. When it comes to safety, I would say it's pretty safe. The police drive through often, making it seem like they're looking for someone which is a pretty unsettling feeling. But other than that, it isn't too bad. The people are friendly and my family and I have the most beautiful view of the sunset from the street we live on.
I put that the crime and safety in this area is great. I put this because from what I have seen, the crime is very low overall here where I live, and I normally always feel safe. The police are quick to respond if necessary.
I choose that my overall experience of this area has been great. I haven't put any thought as to whether or not I would want to live anywhere else. I live right on the outside of Springfield (technically in Battlefield), which gives me the privacy that I greatly appreciate, but it also gives me the ability to drive into town quickly and not be in the car for thirty minutes there and back.
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It's a great littler town outside of Springfield. The city is growing with new business and restaurants coming in. If there is not something for you to do in battlefield a quick 2 minute drive to Springfield and you have many more options to choose from. Overall great little city.
Nice, quiet suburban area. A few restaurants and gas stations, but otherwise not much to do in the general area. For shopping, a drive into Springfield or other nearby city is required.
Have not had a crime in my neighborhood.
Weather is bipolar. Sometimes we get tornadoes.
Job employment is good. Depends where you look.
Food is great. I do not drink.
Every town has it's good and bad stores.
There are a lot of good places to eat and I love the food in plenty of places.
There are a lot of good places to go for physical activities. We have plenty of walking trails and places to exercise.
The south side has the nicer quality houses but its pretty average overall.
The weather in MO is very bipolar it changes often, one day 60 and sunny the next 30 with snow. The tornadoes are what we have to worry about the most and they are very unpredictable.
There are a lot of franchises but not very that many small businesses. There are some but you have ti know where to look.
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