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Battle Mountain is a small town full of good O'l boys. Your last name gets you every where, including your children. The school are fairly good and it's a decent place to raise children until about junior high. Not much to do of course and the nearest walmart, movie theater, and even fast food (other than McDonald's) is all an hour away.
It is a small town so mostly people get their face in the local newspaper by getting one too many dui's. Every now and again more serious things happen but the chances of getting murdered are pretty low.
There are not a lot of people here so if your family has lived here for any amount of time everyone will know who you are and your family gossip details. If you find you niche of people it can be a very generous community that comes together to help those families in need. Your children might not get a five star education but they will have many chances to make friends and do extracurricular activities.
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The town is small so crime is pretty low, and you can pretty much always find a police officer if you drive around.
People in this town although they are nice, can be very closed minded. New ideas are very hard to get out, and different ethnic backgrounds are missing.
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