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Growing up in Battle Ground I had a pretty good childhood. I attended Maple Grove Primary, Tukes Valley Middle School, and Battle Ground High School. Throughout my years I had very good teachers, and some not so great teachers. The school experiences are what you make them. I was in a good friend group and was never exposed to the drugs that Battle Ground is so notorious for.
I've lived here my whole life, and I love it here. It rains a lot, but that's just Battle Ground. There are so many amazing people here and lots to do, like bowling and hiking.
Battle Ground is a pretty nice place. There are lots of things to do in Battle Ground. They have a driving school, a music store and even a movie theater. The schools are pretty good. I wish the town was a little bigger even though it is a small community. You never know when they might grow.
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really quiet and not a lot of people. They are growing more then I would like but not bad. People are nice and keep to themselves.
I have lived in Battle Ground for over a year now. It is very peaceful and beautiful in Battle Ground. Everyone in the city is very nice and grateful as they like to keep the community well balanced with gratitude. I would not change much in Battle Ground WA and would recommend for anyone to take a chance and live in country/city area such as Battle Ground WA.
I like that it's not to far from the city, but also close to the country life and farms and large areas of land. It has a small town feel without being a super small town .
Battle Ground is suburban living with small town charm and the convenience of being a stone's throw from the city when you need to go for work or want for play. I've loved building relationships with my wonderful neighbors, my local grocery store clerks know me by name, and there's so much Natural Beauty to behold!
A nice place to be if you want to be close to a big city (Vancouver and Portland) but have the country feel. Many grocery stores and restaurants to choose from. Growing community
This community is pretty good with being a community and doing things together but one thing is that it has been having some crime problems recently.
I love that Battle Ground has the country, town and everything in between! Anybody can fit in here and find a very nice community to live in.
Quiet town that is growing rapidly. Still has a small town feel with a lot city options. Traffic can be hectic but it is still easy to get around town. Great location just outside Vancouver and far enough out to feel isolated from the city buzz.
I love how I can drive around and see families playing in their yard with their animals not worried about danger. I feel very safe in Battle Ground. It is definitely a place for families.
Used to be a lot better before chain stores like Walmart took down trees and fields to build other fast food chains. Now it's more like Vancouver every day.
I absolutely love this place. Lived here most of my life, but it is growing. Neighborhoods are being built everywhere and it is ruining our home.
The walkability of the town. You can walk main street in under 30 minutes and visit all sorts of shops. The downside is that so many people have moved here that traffic is horrible, schools are now overcrowded, and the small town feel is gone.
This town has been my home for the past 17 years and it has served me well. It's where I grew up, where I met my best friends, and where I learned who I am. Though not exciting like a big city, it's quaint, and quiet, and perfect for someone looking for that big-life- in -a-small-town experience.
Battle Ground is a very small, friendly community. Although it's not a farm community as much anymore, it used to be and the evidence is still clear (for example, the Wilco in the middle of town). It's an up and coming place to be, however, with new businesses frequently opening on Main Street and new housing going in. It's also very walkable, and many of the houses are close to downtown. The library and community center are both very nice.
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Battle Ground is my home town. I find it to have grown quite a bit. It is a small town that has an excellent food/restaurant selection. It was has a fabulous range of grocery stores ranging from Albertsons, Safeway, Fred Meyer, including even a recent addition to a Walmart. It has a nice movie theatre and several small shops as well as a few local pubs. Battle Ground has great schools and is a quaint little town compact with all of the necessities to live without having to travel outside of it's city limits.
Living in Battle Ground has been a pleasant and peaceful area. As an athlete, there is many facilities and recreational parks to visit throughout the day. The neighborhood where I live is safe for the past three years.
Battle Ground is a great town and has exponentially grown in the last few years. But the lengthy construction of street lights and roads has really slowed down the flow of traffic.
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