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57 reviews
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I love my small town and the community. I grew up in the city and moved to Battle Ground when I got married 2 years ago. Even though, Battle Ground might not have every trendy restaurant or big named stores. It does have charm and I see my husband and I never leaving here.
This is honestly the best little town in America. Where neighbors take care of each other, and strangers aren't afraid to drop whatever they're doing to help someone. We had a tornado last year, and it was so nice to see neighbors lifting broken fences off cars and towing trees out of yards. I can honestly say Battle Ground has kept the spirit of small town America alive.
I like that the neighborhood is like family people around you respect each other and help out if needed. If I could see something changed that would be some of the roads fixed because they are very bumpy.
Battleground , WA is an amazing little , holistic town , 35 miles this side of Portland , Or . The minute you enter the town , there is a air about it. A good air , a safe air , and family air . I can not remember ever coming into contact with a rude or complacent employee. There is no Walmart in Battleground, WA , which I feel is awesome for the community and the economics of the town . I would strongly recommend a family looking for a nice , quiet , town , Battleground is the place .
Battle ground is a growing town that is safe and a place that you want to raise your kids in and feel proud to live in.
I really like the place I live in
I honestly don't worry about the crime too much in this area. There has been a few incidents however the police in the area are great and when the police in one area are busy, neighboring police will come to help. So it is very reassuring to have such a great interlocking community.
I grew up in this area and have spent time elsewhere but always find myself coming back! It's a comfortable area to live. I love going to church and teaching special needs kids basketball in Special Olympics. The area I live in is very rewarding to be a part of and never plan on leaving. There is a lot of growing in the county and is one of the fastest growing in the nation and for good reason. As long as people continue to work to make their community better, the better it will get and the more a person can get out of it.
There is no more crime here than anywhere else.
The area is growing but lacks diversity.
The area doesn't have a hospital within city limits, but the city itself is trying to expand. The closest hospital is too far away
Housing here is very cheap, but the quality isn't fantastic either. It's just average.
This is such a small city that the only crime I ever see are speeding cars on the road.
The weather here is nothing too much different from the surrounding area.
There are almost no options at ALL. The only bars are Mexican restaurant/bar combos, with no specials or quality drinks. Most of the restaurants are very poor quality, too, in comparrison with nearby areas.
I don't feel that there's anything really in Battle Ground that I would want to do, except maybe work at the local schools. Most of the jobs are blue collar jobs that don't match up with my life goals
For the most part, somebody in Battle Ground can get everything they need from the local stores, but the selection is really limited. To get a really nice variety of products, you have to travel for at least 30 minutes.
Builder who just trying to make a buck, not much property to go along with housing
They do have a lot of areas for activities
I think most political people have an agenda for themselves.
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