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I grew up in a bad neighborhood however I attended a decent school. There is nothing to do in this town.
Battle Creek is a very diverse and unique place to live. While it is known mostly for its cereal production in Kellogg's and Post cereals it is also a huge manufacturer in the automobile industry.
Battle Creek is an great place to live there are is an lot of opportunities for someone who is an young adult who is trying to figure out life. In addition to Battle Creek being an great place to live I feel that battle allows you to be you because there is so much diversity in the world.
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Love living in Battle Creek small town but has everything you need. Have registered with several employment agencies but all they have to offer are factory jobs. Close to Kalamazoo if you want to go to a bigger city with more food choices.
I loved growing up in a small town. Yet, as I get older, I see the issues. But this town has shaped me and I want to leave it better than it was before.
I would like to see more employers moving in to Battle Creek, MI. Crime and drug use is a bad part of Battle Creek, MI and if that was gone it would help a lot out.
Battle Creek is a relatively small city and easy to get around in. It is a city that knows the importance of trails, parks, and culture. It is minutes away from the country and has beautiful rivers. The reputation of being Cereal City is witnessed by the fragrance of various cereals being produced. One thing I would like to see Battle Creek do is do more to protect the environment more.
I do not mind living in Battle Creek. I think every city has it's good and bad. I would have to say the one thing that i hate enough in this city to move is methamphetamine's and crazy drivers. Which the methamphetamine's might be the main reason we have crazy drivers. Who knows.
I like living in battlecreek the housing is very affordable. I would like there to be more things to do for our youth. I feel that if their was more positive things to do it will help decrease our crime rate.I don't like the fact that they close down so many schools. I think the classroom size need to be smaller.
I had the opportunity to work in this area, and enjoyed meeting not only the people but getting to know the environment. I also went to the local community college and found that it was easy to find my way around campus. This city has great restaurants in the downtown district that are nice little finds of good quality service and food.
It is a larger city with very little to offer. There are not many job opportunities outside of factory jobs. There is also very little entertainment to keep busy. It offers a relaxing environment to grow up in.
The crime in Battle Creek is terrible. I would like to move from here very soon. I young children. I want them to have a good education. I have a 10 year old who is very smart. I don't think his education is being addressed properly. He is to smart for his classes. The teachers bully him. I want a better education program in battle creek for young kids.
The people in battle creek are not always friendly or giving. They are very selfish individuals. Downtown is beautiful but not a lot to do. The mall is run down an a lot of its stores are closing. But there is a variety of stores around town just have to drive down a busy road to get to them. The roads can get very busy during peak hours which makes travel difficult and almost always gets backed up on B drive.
Awesome, This place it a good place to live, visit, and shop. The people are friendly and are also helpful in time of need.
I like that my town try to come together in certain events . And have a little opportunities for the older people . And what need to change is more choices and place for the kids to play for their birthdays or holidays.
Trees, lots of trees. I worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs for 25 years and am disabled. Their are many museums, and theaters in the area. July fourth is the Ballon Festival, were people come from all over the world to participate.
We are the cereal city as Kelloggs, and Post cereal are made here in town. We have the largest breakfast table in April. For adult entertainment there is also the Firekeepers Casino.
What I like about Battle Creek is that it has many historic buildings, and also that they are updating a lot of the area with new architecture and also that they are trying to make the appearance more modern as the times are. I also like that there are many things that can be done in the area and multiple extra circular activities for families and children.
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Battle creek was built as cereal city because it's where Post and Kellogg Cereal is made. everyday the town is filled with the smell of fresh baked cereals. there are schools and housing sections that were built by these companies. Now there is a Casino that is attempting to be a big part of the town by sponsoring events and opening up private small businesses. In all reality though the casino has shut down more businesses than what it has opened.
I like Battle Creek because its a small town with a lot of opportunities. the cost of living is not bad compare to other towns. i wish their were more entertainment in battle creek to have fun
We moved here 10 years ago. Since than this has become home, it is friendly family environment. My teenage sons go to Lakeview High School, which is an amazing high school.
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