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49 reviews
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It is a family friendly city with things to do for all ages. I felt it has a lot to offer as far as dining and did not feel afraid to go out and enjoy the city. There are larger cities located within a short driving distance to add to the entertainment.
It is a very diverse town. I enjoy the variety of businesses and I would like to see more updates within the town buildings. Also a higher standard of cleanliness in public areas would be more welcoming.
What I like about Battle Creek is the Christmas light show downtown. What I would like to see change soon is more things for young people to do.
I've lived in this town since I was seven years old. It has its ups and downs but over all has a great community. Its a historic city with historic sites. Plus this is the town your bowl of Kellogg's cereal came from.
I thoroughly enjoy living in this location of Battle Creek, the school systems are great! The local college is convenient and you have everything you need considering the size of the town. I would like to see more family friendly places to take children to. The town of Battle Creek is not very kid friendly, unlike what it use to be in the 1980's - early 90's.
Battle Creek is a misunderstood city. Judged for the bad things that the bad people do but when you live here, when you are apart of the community you learn there is so much more. Battle Creek is and bigger city with small town morals. I have lived here for all 23 years of my life, traveled to many different states and countries and no matter where I go my heart always stays here. It's where my home is.
I like how close everything is in town and we are not far from major cities like Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Detroit and Lansing. I would like to see the neighborhood improve, crime rates and drugs to decrease.
I moved to Battle Creek when I was thirteen years old and now (at age nineteen) I intend on moving out of Battle Creek. I would say that my experience there was alright, but there isn't much to do unless you want to go to the YMCA or bowling.
I like being able to smell the factories making cereal everyday. I like being able to watch the parades that they have down town. One thing that I wish would change would be the road commission plowing the back roads in the winter.
Battle Creek is a city in michigan that makes cereal. Thats the best part. I have loved living here but it just seems so small now.
There are many rough neighborhoods in town along with many nice neighborhoods. You could almost say it's a mini Detroit, but not as bad.
A place to have all types of fun variety from downtown life, to outdoors life, there is a little something for all types of people to enjoy.
There is no regular crime in my area. Emergency services arrives in great time if anything does ocurr.
Neighborhood attitudes are, in my opinion, completely dependent on the people living there. I've lived in my house for 10 years and have had every kind of neighbor; partiers, elderly, families, young people, grumpy people, and friendly people. My neighborhood isn't exactly social, but when I walk my dog anyone who's outside will say "hello" with a smile.
Some crime in area which makes me wary
Rentals are over priced. Office doesn't respond
Our house is great. Not to many homes that aren't taken good care of
There are quite a few events downtown, at churches and parks that bring people together
I see police driving around all the time. Making sure we are safe. Never actually had personal contact.
I live in a great area. Great neighbors and convenient shopping and nearby attractions. My future in the area will not last long because my family is moving to Indianapolis because my mom got a job there.
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