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I was born and raised in Baton Rouge. I love my city and encourage others to visit Baton Rouge. It is a great place to live.
After the flood in Baton Rouge, with hard work, our neighborhood is finally coming back together. We have an excellent neighborhood (Sherwood Forest) with an excellent Middle School (Sherwood ) and an excellent private school (St. Thomas Moore). During the flood we all worked together and became a family. There are a few empty houses, but t his is the ideal neighborhood. so, find a home in Sherwood Forest, you wont regret it.
As with most Cities with over half a million people, Baton Rouge has it's good and bad points....For example, the majority of the City is geared toward family activities such as an LSU Football game, but there are also one or two areas that are dealing with a high crime wave right now......Unfortunately surveys sometimes can be skewed such as this.
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I have lived in Baton Rouge for a little over 4 years now and it has its pros and cons. I love BR because there's always a helping hand and a smiling face. The downside to living here, is that traffic is terrible and there is not a whole lot to do, socially.
The crime is Baton Rouge is very bad. I believe we need to unite between ethnic and racial backgrounds. Our highway and traffic is a major problem
Growing up as a child in baton Rouge where I grew up it was easy to get into trouble. The first 9 years of my life i was surround by drugs and violence but i have great parents that kept me focused on school and extracurricular activities to keep me out the streets. Although we went thru difficult times it made me the person I am now and made me always have the urge to help those people who can't help themselves.
Baton rouge has to many colleges to close together making the night life very dangerous, people from all over come to learn but the neighborhoods around the major school is bad. Its has a very high STD rate because of many different factors is a fun town just be safe
The food is good, the people are friendly, and the city feels small despite it being sprawling. Baton Rouge has many events which add to the small town atmosphere in a big city. In addition to this, the weather is perfect for a southerner who does not know how to deal with cold weather!
Baton Rouge is a nice area. It has its issues with crime and the number of crimes has been growing exponentially here as of late.
Small town, 45 minutes away from New Orleans. I would like the violence rates to go down , domestic violence towards women.
Baton Rouge is a great place to call home. The people are friendly, the food is great and the music is fun!
More funding is needed for infrastructure. The traffic is horrendous and the streets need to be expanded into more lanes. The city has become so populated that the roads just can't handle it. There's not much to do here if you don't like football. There is a small town mentality here.
Baton Rouge is Pretty Average around here. There is good and bad like everywhere else. Great food options. Horrible public schools. Close to Major Universities and Sports Teams.
I love the addition of housing for low-income families, the cities involvement during devastating times and culture.
There is a good pace to living in baton Rouge. The infrastructure needs significant improvement, however.
This is a city growing in industry, the arts and commerce. The job opportunities are okay but like anywhere there is room for improvement. Nonetheless there is room to grow here!
I came to Baton Rouge at the age of 18 from Little Rock, AT. I love it here and I have build a family here.
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Everything is behind here. We need better streets, schools, court system, political experts. Everything keeps going up and up on price but minimum wage is still $7.25. Most jobs are not even offering 40 hours a week but it's mandatory to get insurance through your work if it's offered.
baton rouge is amazing! I really enjoy going downtown seeing the river, and eating downtown, doing things with the community and just having an amazing time with friends ! I would like to see racial division and tension change.
I live in Baton rouge and since the flood way more traffic. Way more crimes. Rent is too high. Not many activities to do but lot of jobs with a degree.
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