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I love Baton Rouge because this is where I grew up and where I eat the wonderful soul food. I want to see a change in the crime rates in Baton Rouge because there are a lot of shootings that happen.
The city of Baton Rouge is where I was born and raised. The Southern hospitality and food culture is the best.
Baton Rouge has given me a first class education at a Blue Ribbon awarded, number 4 rated school in the state. Baton Rouge Magnet High School. On the negatives, Baton Rouge is quite crowded, with major infastructure issues, basically traffic is horrible. The art scene and restaurants are wonderful and plentiful.
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I grew up in Shreveport in Northwest Louisiana. While at the time, shreveport was nice. When we moved to Baton Rouge 13 years ago, I was very sad. But after meeting great friends and learning about Southern Louisiana culture. Their is no place I’d rather live.
There have been multiple shootings in my area, one even in my own building, which resulted in a death. I live near LSU campus by South Gate for reference. The driving here is terrible and has resulted in me being in two separate accidents, neither my fault. Most places here close at around 10pm unless they're a bar, leaving limited activities for those of us who are night owls but not party goers. A few months ago I had my apartment broken into at 4am when I was home alone. Overall, high crime and not enough money being put toward stopping it. Cops also don't really seem to care much.
Baton Rouge is home, the best city to live in. Well, in my opinion. Been living here all my life no place like Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You can't believe everything you see/hear in music and the news because they make it out to seem bad when in all honesty is not that bad. Living in Baton Rouge can make you feel better from the culture, diversity and so much more.
Infrastructure is a little worn down and not a lot of activities and sightseeing, but there are some hidden gems in Baton Rouge.
I like that Baton Rouge have a city view at their river walk. Also, they have many places to go for entertainment. Baton Rouge should change the way the traffic operates.
Everything is within walking distance and the city is so alive! The city is super clean and safe. The Lovely town is full of bars and restaurants as well as museums, parks, and shops. It is easy to navigate, well lit and safe, especially during other activities and festivals.
My experiences with Baton Rouge is so crazy, first off the food is amazing, we have LSU and Southern University which brings great things to our schools down here, but also they have the cons which is the traffic at night, the violence, crime rate, and also the heat and flooding. The weather in Baton Rouge is what we call it (bipolar.)
Baton Rouge is one of the better places in Louisiana for job opportunities. It's not very diverse but it is not far away from New Orleans which is a plus.
it is a nice, warm, and very inviting place there are few treasures on earth such as the south and the culture, experience, and of course the food
I love Baton Rouge for it's culture. You get great food and music, without the crime, neglect, and tourism of New Orleans. When people first move here, you wonder what to like about the city, but as time passes, you learn the ways of the people, the underground nightlife, and the deep history. There are plenty of artsy people to keep the place interesting, and there are plenty to do for just about anyone. The traffic is about as bad as Los Angeles, and don't walk the streets alone at night. If you have children, you are forced to either move, or put them into a private school.
I've lived here my entire life and it honestly hasn't changed much and it's not the best city but the people are very nice towards one another.
Baton Rouge is not as exciting as people believe it to be. There is not much activities to do for fun. There are plenty of food places to dine in and enjoy and even take out. You can see the diversity in some of the work places you visit. The roads here are terrible and will mess your tires up. They keep building and building and that's a major problem because we keep having small floods.
Baton Rouge is a town full of really kind people, delicious food and interesting culture. There are plenty of restaurants, live music and good bars. LSU football can be entertaining for those who love sports. However, the crime rate is very high, leaving many living in dangerous areas. Additionally, the city struggles with serious issues such as racism, homophobia and transphobia. Public schools in Baton Rouge are also terrible, which pushed the city towards charter schools. In order to get a decent education in Baton Rouge, you must put your children in magnet school or private schools.
It is ok, it is pretty nice but not as beautiful because of the litter. There are a lot of people, the city is really small compared to the amount of people living in baton rouge.
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For any man or woman ever thinking of coming to the town of Baton Rouge, let's just say that it's not for everyone. Especially for people that like places with lively nights, or hate the daytime heat. Though, if that could be looked past, you'll find the place isn't too bad. There are friendly people just about anywhere you go, though you'll need to warm up to some more than likely. There are plenty of things and chances you can do throughout the day and many places to see in any part of the town.
I've resided in Baton Rouge since 2013 due to attending LSU. There is not much to due or see in the city. I usually find myself traveling outside the city in order to have fun experiences. The traffic is horrible throughout the day and I would say it isn't particularly safe city on the roads and off the roads. Overall, there's not much to be desired in the city.
I've been living in Baton Rouge for the last 18 years of my life and have developed a sense of understanding that this city is able to contribute efficiently with a large amount of diversity. People are able to fit together like puzzle pieces even though they aren't commonly known to interact with each other.
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