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its great to live in Baton Rouge the people here are good and traffic is horrible and downtown is good but don't compare with any other. LSU is the greatest College which i have seen
I like how convenient it is to get around whether by bus, uber, or cab. I currently attend school in Baton Rouge and there are numerous amenities in the area.The night life is quite exciting. The venues are astonishing and there are many great places around the city to grab a bite to eat. I am quite pleased with the overall experience.
Grown up in Baton Rouge my whole life. I love it, but it definitely could use some improvement to the schools and safety currently. Great food everywhere!
Baton Rouge is like most of Louisiana.. A Big FUN Mess. I attended LSU and loved every moment of being there. I loved LSU so much that I'm returning to work on my doctorate. Baton Rouge, on the other hand, is another story. East Baton Rouge Parish has one of the worst public school systems. Racism and homophobia are prevalent. That being said, you will find all kinds of people in Baton Rouge. It may not be as diverse as New York, L.A. or even New Orleans, but LSU draws many varieties from all over the world!
Baton Rouge, La has option for growth. They have really good school that your child can attend without having to pay tuition.
I love how Baton Rouge is a community that comes together and does not hesitate to help each other. This city is a place that anyone can come to and be welcomed in with open arms. The people are friendly and would do anything they could to help their neighbors. The things that I would change about this city is the traffic. The traffic is ridiculous and is an issue for everyone in the community.
I was born and raised in Baton Rouge. It's a complex city; it's slowly become more and more dangerous over the years. Crime is always taking place somewhere.
Baton Rouge is very unique experience when it comes to down south living. Not as lively as New Orleans but has its own exciting traits. Baton Rouge can improve on their night life. Building equal amounts of businesses across the city not pertaining to one side.
I like that Baton Rouge celebrates Mardi Gras and I also like that this city nightlife is very fun. Baton Rouge is an amazing place to get seafood such as crawfish. I enjoyed grade school while living here. I also enjoy spending time with my family and going to seafood restaurants such as Parrains and Roux 61.
Pretty good food but could use some more investments, not much traffic but in certain areas, things to fix in Baton Rouge is safety increase, public school and jobs get more involved with students and pay more
I have lived here for the majority of my child and adult life. I have gone to school here I attend college and have a job in the area. I can truly say that the city is where it's at. There are new businesses and places to live that are continually being built for our growing population.
Baton Rouge is a very historic city. They have A variety of things you can do like visit museums, explore the old state capital, and just have a walk on the Mississippi.
I was born and raised here in Baton Rouge, LA. It is slow and upcoming city, but good for families who want to settle down or retire. If you are looking for night life the city does not have much to offer, but the restaurants and the food here down south is amazing. Our public school system is not the best that is why I have my daughter enrolled in ebrpss magnet shcool programs. We are slowly getting certificate programs to help people get better paying jobs without having to go to 4 year universities. Crime here in Baton Rouge is about average and our local police departments can use better training programs to help aide in the arrest of our cities criminal activities. I am also a licensed real estate agent here in Baton Rouge and the market is booming and we have more 1st time home buyers now buying than ever. Property values or on a rise, but overall it's good. Our city is well diverse and more and more people or moving this way. Job opportunities are happening everyday.
I love Baton Rouge because it has a very family oriented atmosphere. Like most Louisiana areas, family and food and hospitality are all important factors in almost every residential home.
Baton rouge is a great place to live. The police protects their citizens and everyone works together to make baton rouge a great city. Like most city it has it's rough neighborhoods but i mean what city doesn't? Baton rouge has great colleges and great people. Not a lot happens down here. If i could change things about Baton Rouge it would be the things to do out here. It's not much you can do that's fun for all ages.
I have lived here since August, and while I have met great people, I would much rather live back in my hometown. The people here are generally less friendly, and the crime in my "safe" neighborhood has recently gotten so out of hand that I don't feel comfortable in my own apartment complex.
If you don't live in the correct part of town it could be a nightmare. The traffic is absolutely terrible and the crime rate is a problem, but we put up with it for the food and LSU games. The town could no doubt be better, but some bright spots shine through.
Baton Rouge is a great city to start a family. There is penty of work if you are looking, and the parks and recreation is excellent. It's never difficult to find something to do whether you want to eat out, go shopping, go out or just ride around the city.
I love Baton Rouge. My most favorite thing about it is LSU. I love attending the school. I like how people come together in time of need like a family.
The people are the best part of Baton Rouge. It's a small "town" but has a lot of activities to do within a 1hr drive. Plenty of things to do outdoors and the downtown is really starting to become the place to go for young professionals. The winter is nearly non-existent, with mild to hot summer months. Traffic is the worse part of Baton Rouge mainly because of commuters from other parishes. Love it !
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