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Baton Rouge is the perfect mix. It is a growing economy that is becoming more diversified and creative, but also a warm community based on tradition, family and outreach.
Baton Rouge is a lovely place to call home. Although people around the world only receive the negative things about this city, there are actually a lot of great positive things as well!
Baton Rouge has a lot to do to continue to grow. With everything that has happened in the last year. We have grown severely apart as a city.
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I give baton rouge a 1 baton rouge is have low paying jobs and high crime rate it has gotten worse over the years I was born and raised here some of the schools are ok but the drop out rate is high teachers are not focus on education because of the low pay
Great city with good food and nice people. I would love to see improvements on the traffic situation.
Baton Rouge is a great place to live. There is lots to do if you like outdoor activities. Traffic can get busy, but it still has a somewhat small town feel when compared to bigger cities like New Orleans. 1 star deducted for the crime rate.
It's a great place to live because the weather is great most of the year. It is family oriented and not a lot of single people attractions. The food is unmatched and the celebrations like Mardi Gras is a can't miss event every year.
What I like about Baton Rouge is that there are plenty of neighborhood stores for easy access to goods. What I would like to see change is the traffic that seems to spike immensely at the times of 3p.m. and 5p.m.
I love Baton Rouge because I have lived here almost my entire life however there are many things that need to be approved in this city.
Baton Rouge is slowly coming into its own identity. It can be a nice place to live after you learn the right places to go but at times it can be boring. There are lots of future project developments that should make it more worthwhile.
My experience in Baton Rouge has been a great one. I learned a lot from being here and pursuing my education. I have gone to school here and been living here for over 5 years now. I love the nightlife and the many great and friendly people I have met while living here. There is a great diversity here in Baton Rouge that I think anyone would enjoy. I have been involved with outdoor beach volleyball, which I think is a great outlet here. The complex out in the city is amazing with some awesome people. The one thing I do hate about Baton Rouge is traffic. The traffic is horrendous and needs to be fixed. Something has to change here. It takes me about 25-30 minutes to go about 4 miles some days, which is ridiculous.
Depending on where in BR you reside in, the more different your experience will be.
90% of the city is suburban, personally I hate the weather. Safety has declined within the years I've lived here, and the public schools aren't something to be desired. I'll be moving out of state within the next year or 2, and I'll miss pieces of where I live (E. BR.), but not majority.
Baton Rouge has the potential to be a great city if everyone would begin to accept one another and stop the hate!
Baton Rouge is a very active and vivid city. The college atmosphere is unlike any other. Everyone comes together on weekends and celebrates the tigers. The town is very supportive and the communities are really close and helpful. I witnessed the historic flood and saw how a town that puts each other first can help make something beautiful out of something so devastating.
Baton Rouge is very diverse. It is the biggest city of Baton Rouge. However, there are not many places to go and have fun. There are bad areas in the city, but there are also nice areas as well. The public school system is failing and the neighborhoods in these areas are suffering.
I loves my home town and city that when im away i get hime sick ans i titally loves the food and also go to the diffrent places when im off to hang with family ans friends
I love Baton Rouge it's an amazing city. Being apart of the rich culture and diversity is very satisfying. there's always something going on, between festivals, concerts and prades we are never bored. My only complaint is traffic and road conditions. I wold like to see the city put more effort in taking care of the roads.
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Baton Rouge is a very friendly place to be. Everyone is so polite and kind. One thing I would like to see change is the crime rate. Things would be better if everyone could get alone.
I love the culture, the food , loving styles , everything is pretty easy to get to , I love the festivities they have year around
I went to a public school very briefly, while I was in high school, and it was Downtown Baton Rouge. I had a blast there, but I noticed that my old school was a lot further ahead, than the school in Baton Rouge. I wish that Baton Rouge would spend more of their resources on education, rather than lining their own pockets.
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