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One thing I enjoy about Baton Rouge, is that it's a place like no other. To elaborate, Baton Rouge is a city filled with a rich history and culture going back to beginning of our country. Growing up and listening to zydeco music, and hearing the stories of the Creole and Cajun people was a very enjoyable experience for me. One thing I dislike about Baton Rouge, is that it's a crime plagued city, and not a good place to stay for the entirety of your life.
I have lived in East Baton Rouge all my life and I can not say anything truly bad about it. It can be a little boring at time but you always find something to do. The people in this town are give or take. You can get an amazing neighbor or you can get a neighbor who complains about your dogs barking to loud in the morning. It is an average place to live. Nothing super special about it. If you're looking for a quiet but not too quiet place to live, this can be a great spot for you.
Baton Rouge is my home. I was born and raised here. It may have issues but all in all it has been a great place to live.
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I love the culture in Baton Rouge, but would like to see improvements in crime and education. Violence, especially gun violence and domestic violence, is on the rise, which is why we moved to the outskirts of the city. I was raised here, went to school here, was married here, and have started a family here, so this city is pretty near and dear.
I love my home town, its people, its food and its culture. I would, however, like to see a drastic change in crime, traffic and job opportunity. The city is poorly planned physically and is plagued with urban sprawl. The job opportunities are not abundant therefore many graduates of Louisiana higher education move away to other states to find employment.
My experience living in Baton Rouge is great. I was born and raised here in Baton Rouge. I love that I can hang out with my friends, go to school, and hang out with my family. I love the spring season here in baton rouge because of the crawfish season that everyone loves.
God awful. Trash everywhere, terrible roads. Everyone is trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Nothing to do. Weather is horrible. Housing prices are insane considering where you are living. Did I mention NOTHING to do? Truly do not know why anyone would ever move here. Get ready to trick yourself into thinking life isn’t terrible here if you wanna make it day to day. Gordon McKernan injury attorneys are the town mascots. Get your On Cloud shoes and grab a labradoodle, you’re in Baton Rouge.
I lived in Louisiana my entire life, up until just a couple of months ago when I finally got out of that horrible place. No matter how hard I tried to like Louisiana, I just couldn't.

There is trash all over the roads and in the ditches, overgrown grass and weeds everywhere, out-of-control crime, horrific roads, NOTHING to do or see outdoors, insane humidity, constant never ending rain, no sun for about 10 months out of the year, crooked politicians, etc, etc. I believe the heat and humidity add to the lazy, psychotic criminal behavior there.

People have been leaving Louisiana in droves over the past 10 years. College graduates move away because there are no jobs or because there is nothing to do there. Anyone who loves Louisiana is either blind, stupid or has never lived for any length of time outside of the state.

I've met countless Louisianan's who agree with everything that I've just mentioned here and yet they say they would never leave. Complete stupidity is all I can say.
Well the culture is amazing the food is delicious the crime is ridiculous. The streets are raggedy and have to be re paved. There are few jobs opportunities.
Baton Rouge is akin to a 3rd world country with out of date infrastructure, little opportunity for job growth, harboring an apathetic population of disillusioned people struggling to survive in a cultural and intellectual wasteland.
I was born in Baton Rouge and moved to California for 10 years. I came back and based on my experience in California, Baton Rouge is a slow state. We’re friendly but we are at least 20-30 years away from being caught up to any of the northern cities. Even so, Baton Rouge is growing at its own pace and I can appreciate that. Then again, we smell and look like a country side when we’re the capital.
Baton Rouge is not a good place to raise families. There are some good people here. Job opportunities are extremely limited, even with advanced degrees. The public schools are poor. As a result, we have a high rate of crime. Private schools, especially high schools, are expensive. The roads are in bad shape and there are houses on top of houses. Housing is also expensive when compared to the median household income. I was raised in a middle class family here and am still a part of the middle class. The middle class is slowly being snuffed out here. It is quickly become a "haves and have nots" situation. If you have money, you can live a great life here. You can afford to live in a nice house, in a nice area, and send your kids to decent schools. If you don't have money, well "good luck to you" is all I can say.
The City of Baton Rouge is the perfect size for family and work life. Everything is a short drive away. Of course, dining out at a restaurant is part of the culture in the South and Baton Rouge doesn't disappoint. Food, entertainment, and career opportunities are all here. Baton Rouge is growing and construction abounds to keep up with the pace. Some of the newer establishments are multipurpose to where you won't have to go far to shop for clothing, special gifts, go exercising, the movies and even worship is a short distance away.
Baton Rouge is a slower pace than some other cities, but is slowly picking up due to positive growth.
I visited Baton Rouge recently for sometime to get to know the community as well as a possible college option in-town. The atmosphere was amazing given that I really don't like the cold of winter but if I had to say of anything that was most memorable it would be the food! Breakfast to dinner the food was to die for everywhere I went. I would finish each meal and spend the rest of the day dreaming about tomorrow that time when I could have it again; seriously! I come from background of very good cooks being one myself but this food was like nothing else. If you want a true Cajun meal you should seriously consider visiting this city.
Baton Rouge is wonderful in some aspects, but overall safety is definitely always a concern in the back of my mind. While some areas are beautiful and flourishing, others are deeply neglected. Also, the traffic can be a nightmare.
Baton Rouge was a great place back in the day, now it is just a place of empty promises and no opportunities. I won't say it is a lost cause, but from killing, inequality in communities and schools to police brutality there is a lot of change that need to take place in the community.
Baton Rouge is so much fun. There are tons of places to shop, hang out with friends, and meet new people. A lot of people live in Baton Rouge and there are always events and activities you can get involved in. I would like to see Baton Rouge grow and expand.
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Baton Rouge is a little big town. You have unique sites of a "big city" like the capitol building and the old governor's mansion downtown and then petite cafes and local grocery stores where you run into a friend or co-worker every time you go in for eggs and milk. LSU brings so much life to the fall weekends with football games that take over the town! If you aren't lucky enough to snag tickets, you can go to any restaurant and feel like you are in Tiger Stadium. You are close enough for a day hop to Lafayette or New Orleans for soul satisfying Cajun or jazz music and delicious comfort food. Baton Rouge is a sweet spot in Louisiana and a great place to call home.
I don't have anything against the city but my neighbors are really dirty and throw traction from my door dad is upset me why not contact the representative at the front desk of the apartment complex date do nothing to assist me
I’d like to see crime go down, and no more run down and dilapidated buildings. Roads could be better as well
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