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The are where i live has alot of unmaintained yards
I love the area, lots to do.
Fairborn has a great sense of community, people will come together to support any Fairborn member
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Besides the long snowy winters the weather is great
The food joints around here are awesome but I do not know about drinking/clubbing places for I do not partake in those activities.
There are many opportunities for everyone but you have to be willing to search for them and work to get them.
There are many amazing businesses owned by locals in Fairborn but many of the larger businesses are not kept up as well and bring the overall rating down.
There is a lot of diversity in the area
There are a lot of research and big business places around, which I am not interested in.
The weather is always changing
There is a mix between big companies and small businesses,. However there are more big companies
There are a lot of families in the area but there are also college students that do not always have respect for the neighborhood. It all balances out.
There are a lot of gyms in the area with health food stores. Wright State university also has a gym that is free to students.
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