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There is very low crime in this neighborhood.
This is a great neighborhood, I love living here with my family. It's a great place for a family.
The apartments I live in are very homey and have good quality for what I am paying! It's very friendly and also very quiet!
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Not much crime in the area except for drunks and drug users.
Its definitely not the worst place to be living, although I most certainly wish I did not have to live where I'm at. I only live here because of school and it was the best option for me.
There are not many vacant or abandoned properties. Cost of housing is a little high
Everyone is so friendly here.
There have been a few incidents on campus where there were suspicious people here.
I do enjoy this area. I just wish there were more things to do.
I would probably choose to live here again because it is where my family is from and where I have a lot of family.
I moved here to attend school and it is a nice area to live in as a full time student
The sidewalks are not big enough for both pedestrians and bicyclists to be on the sidewalk at the same time. Most of the time bicyclists are seen riding on the rode. For me as a driver that makes me very nervous.
People tend to live here their entire lives. As far as pet/family friendly goes alot of places you can not take your pet into unless it is a service dog. Alot of the community events are not family friendly.
There are not alot of places that are popular to shop the mall doesn't have a lot of great stores. You can get everything that you need in this area.
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