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Bath, Maine is the city of ships. Known solely for the ridiculous work put into shipbuilding in the last hundreds of years. Past that it's a pretty normal town, not really much goes on, and everybody knows each other, well balanced community.
Bath, ME has the key to my heart. The town its self is small, but it has so much history. Whether its from the beautiful, giant houses on the water, to the museum down the street, it truly is the most amazing place. Downtown Bath has very nice shops for clothes, antiques, books, and even ice cream! There is also a beautiful spot to sit and over look the water. Bath is the home of Bath Iron Works, where amazing destroyer ships are made! Bath, Maine is the place where I will raise my family one day, for it is the homiest, safest, most beautiful little town I have ever set my eyes on.
Such a cute, friendly little town nestled on the coast of Maine. Very unique architecture and culture.
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Small sleepy town, Hard working people but everything in town shuts down at 5pm. Being an old town from Colonial America you can see the history and changes of the city. from the old brick of downtown, to the captain houses of the mid 1800's to the housing boom of the 2nd world war. A small charming downtown area has seen many changes from the 1990's where antique shops lined the streets. Now you will see cafe's, art galleries and clothing stores.
I love bath. we have such an amazing, tight-knit community here. Your shipbuilder pride runs deep and brings us together closer as a community. We have a wonderful, caring school system as well as a YMCA. Our scenic waterfront park is perfect for anything and we have the cutest little downtown area with lots of shops. It is a great Maine tourist destination, but also a wonderful town to live in. It is very safe, comforting, and everyone is wonderful.
The most violent crime I've heard of so far are people getting into an altercation over drugs, like marijuana, but that was once I heard of that in the news this year. I wouldn't be concerned with drug activity overall. Although I live a few minutes outside of town, I never felt anything gross when entering town. I could walk around during the night, no problem. I think, there's even a curfew in certain areas? Id' have double check that...if you wanted to get ice cream at 8:30 in the evening and stroll around, you could do that with no concern idling in you mind. An important note to make though, the state of Maine is in turmoil from heroin. The drug has been most prevalent in places like Portland and Kittery (southern Maine). I haven't seen it affect Bath, and don't think it has really. You would know if it was.Besides from that, nothing happens here. The police are diligent in their work, and work to communicate with assertion and respect to the people. I feel safe, and that's coming from a young, Hispanic woman. I've never had to deal with racial profiling, or anything of a sort.
I enjoy Bath Maine because it offers everything that a person needs!. Bath is a residential town, so there's alot of priority aimed to making sure services are made available to the locals. Services like dentists, chiropractors, mental health, elder care and health care. There's a team of doctors affiliated with Midcoast hospital that offers preventive care, and can network you to other professionals within the state of Maine, or elsewhere depending on the nature of the persons condition. The hospital is in Brunswick, which is 10-15 minutes away from Bath. What I most appreciate, as I mentioned earlier, was that Bath is in between Maine's major cities, about 30-45 minutes from Augusta, Portland and Lewiston. I'm able to access the businesses within these cities without the struggle of a huge commute. Alongside with that, I'm close to nature preserves and local state parks that I can access, such as Wolf's Neck, Reid State Park, Butler's Head, and more. I realize not everyone can access the ocean, but here I'm not even half an hour away from it! The atmosphere is family friendly. This is the most community orientated town I've ever lived in where there's not that underlining struggle, or resentment between social classes like one may see in other towns like Freeport, or Yarmouth.It's relatively low key. It's not something "urbanized" that might be a college kid's dream--NO. I feel safe here. The Bath police department is excellent in it's service to the people, and for upholding standards. If I had the opportunity to do any do-overs, I would still choose Bath as my home town. I see Bath expanding within the next several years, there's already businesses opening up in town this year, and Bath Iron Works is going strong and important note to make, Bath Iron Works is keeping Bath Maine strong. I don't want to think of Bath without it, it would be devastated, just like the towns up north affected by their businesses leaving. Overall, I strongly recommend Bath
There is not a lot of crime in Bath if anything it is very minor things. I feel very safe living in Bath and always have.
My home town is a lovely place to raise a family, it is a very welcoming and tight-knit community. We have a very beautiful down town with many small shops and great restaurants by the waterfront on the Kennebec River.
It's nice to see the shipyard staying stable and the jobs returning to the area, as growth was stagnant during the recession.
Bath, Maine is a quaint little town on the east coast that is beautiful as well as a place everyone should see in their lifetime. I was born and raised in a small yellow house with my three other siblings, I was blessed to have been born here. Growing up in my neighborhood, I made friends that I will keep for my whole life. From riding bikes from morning until dawn, scootering, playing basketball or spending hours playing kick the can with other neighborhood children, I made memories I'll never forget. It was a safe and very friendly town that will always be apart of me and I hope to raise my own children in a neighborhood such as this one.
Its beautiful we live in coastal Maine. We're 15 minutes from at least five beaches in the surrounding areas, which are kept very clean due to the tourist season.
From what I can see as an 18 year old the housing occupancy is very high.
I feel vary safe in this area, with no reason to be worried, I have faith in my police force that they will keep the streets safe.
I live on a coastal town where the weather varies throughout all four seasons, Summer time is very hot to moderately warm depends on the sea breeze coming off of the water. Once fall starts to roll around you will see temperatures drop to about 50 or 60 degrees real fast, then will slowly continue to drop as the winter months start to approach. due to global warming our winters are coming later and later causing our springs to come later in the year, we haven't had snow on Christmas day in almost 3 years, which is not usual for Maine. Once the first couple feet of snow melts away you will slowly see the rest deteriorate, for example the snow mounds from the plows or up against your house where the sunlight really doesn't hit it just yet. As soon as the snow is gone you will start to feel the sun getting warmer and the buds start to appear. For example is its April 22nd and the buds on my lilac tree are appearing bigger each day.
We're on a coastal town, where many restaurants close for winter months. Night life, I wouldn't know about as I'm only 18. This topic is not relevant as I am senior in high school.
Most people in this area work at Bath Iron Works, which is a ship building company. Anyone under 18 can't get a job there. Only choice is McDonalds or Burger King
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Although the businesses in this town have great services, they are lacking people to bring in revenue which is causing the prices in the business to rise, therefore causing single family homes to not go out to dinner anymore.
There are some bad parts of this town, but my area has old ship builder mansions from the 1800s and people take care of their homes.
Besides a few loud neighbors I haven't witnessed a lot of crime here.
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