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It is badly deteriorating. There is a change in population. HOusing got very expensive. Too many warehouses and too much traffic.
Bath has a more concentrated town as well as a lot of farms and fields towards the outskirts of it. There is a place for everyone. The only draw back would be the potholes, although some roads have recently been fixed.
Bath is a nice place to live. The cuisine and local shops are lovely and I enjoy going to them. I have lived here 21 years and I enjoy it.
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Not much to do here unless you have a car. If you have a car you are decently close to many things to do. If you don't have a car you're out of luck since there are no bus routes through this small town.
I have lived in Moore Township all my life. The elementary school is the best one in Northampton County; all of the teachers are willing to help a student if he or she is having difficulties in class. There really isn't anything to do nightlife wise; kind of far away from populated areas so nightlife up here includes reading a book or watching a TiVoed show. Blue Mountain is only a 15 minute drive, so that is something to do during the winter months. The Township is definitely family friendly as well as healthy; there are two recreational centers within the township. Commute time in any direction is 30 to 45 minutes to Bethlehem or Allentown. I am aware of only a few job opportunities, but they are extremely rare, which is why the commute time is what it is. If I could make any suggestion, I think I would consider revamping the nightlife. I know a lot of young adults that would love to just have a bar with a party like atmosphere. There really aren't any of those around here.
Bath is a small town in Pennsylvania that has a wide variety of both suburban and rural areas. The town of Bath has local businesses that are the heart of the town, and surrounding the town is beautiful farmlands and scenery. The one change I would like to see affect Bath would be the cleanliness and modernness of the town increase. Some buildings are out-dated and not as well-kept, and I feel like the improvement of these buildings would have a great impact on the town.
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It overall is a good area to live in. The neighbors are friendly are always willing to help whenever it's needed. The cars, however, fly down the streets causing a hazard to those crossing so keep an eye out for your children especially when outside playing.
My neighbor is nice and quiet. Everyone seems friendly. It's close enough if I need to get anywhere, but overall, it's a quiet town.
Tons to see and do
Downtown gets backed up sometimes
Typical all 4 seasons weather
Tons of restaurants and bars within walking distance
Many people struggling to find jobs in any field
Lots of family owned restaurants and shops, all great!
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