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Bath is a very tight knit community with a small town feel, where everyone knows your name. Where neighbors look out for one another and are always willing to lend a helping hand. There are several qauint chapels and churches, a community hall with a food pantry, and a Farmers Market which is held every Thursday afternoon and is open to the public. They also have a pizza shop, library, convenience store, cozy diner and small drinking establishment. So, if you're looking for a friendly, quiet community to raise a family or just out of the the hussle and bussel world of the city Bath is a great place to be.
The crime in this area is extremely low and you really don't have to worry about it much. I have always felt safe here and I think that's the consensus with a lot of people.
The atmosphere here is wonderful. Great neighbors, never to buggy and you have your own personal space. Close to town and Michigan State's campus.
Review Bath Charter Township
The police are called very often it seems. Sirens are heard quite frequently. This last summer and fall a police cruiser was at a house by mine multiple times until an arrest was made. My family has even made a call about suspected domestic disturbance once that was very loud.
I like where I live, it has everything I need and is in the perfect location in-between my school in Bath and my life in East Lansing. However, it is sometimes boring, with a lack of activities and community events going on year-round, but it seems to be picking up. There are also many people moving into the neighborhood who seem to attract trouble, often causing the police to show up.
Family oriented neighborhood where people care about each other.
I live in a college apartment surrounded with an college environment . It's exactly what you'd expect from weekly pool parties, 24 hour gyms and an open area for physical activities, occasional drunk students on weekends being rowdy, and of course roommates that will become your closes friends in life. The quality of living in here the past 2 years has been satisfactory and i wouldn't want to change any of the experience if i had the chance, but in recent months the apartment complexes has come under new management and along with new regulations and rules. Quality of living here has dropped since. Rent on the rise, ridiculous fee for being locked out on their accord, and unhelpful service are just a few to say. The area of East Lansing is a place you would ideally want to be in in your early 20's and I feel like my time here will be some of the best spent time of my life, but for the apartment complexes if they don't change up their act it will continue to go down hill.
After i graduate from college i would like to move to a warmer state.
There is going to be crime everywhere. i feel pretty safe though.
The heating bills are too high in this state. For one of the coldest states, my parents pay too much.
We are Michigan, enough said. We get the snow, ice, rain and sunshine. Tornadoes have been an issue growing in the last few years. The snow and winter weather definitely impacts our life here. Makes it difficult to drive in. Fall is my favorite time of season, it is beautiful with all the colors and it is college football season.
There are several mom and pop places in our area which is great for our economy whether it be a restaurant or grocery store . There are also a lot of known name places to eat and shop. I enjoy both, i like a variety.
There is a wide variety of houses in the area. There are nearby subdivisions or country roads- whichever is preferred.
I have never felt unsafe here, I live out in the country and there is rarely crime to be heard of.
Again, there are only a few mom-and-pop stores in town (pizza place, gas station, bar/restaurant) but within a 15 minute drive there are a ton of big companies and shopping areas.
In the immediate area there are few job openings but it is a 15 minute drive to Lansing and other high employment areas.
Don't do the bar scene
Review Bath Charter Township
Its a good place to be
I would say it is above average with healthy life styles
Easy to get around the area
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