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36 reviews
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Batesville overall is a good town, there may be downfalls but every town will and it is only an hour drive from Indianapolis, 30 minutes from Cincinnati, and 40 from Columbus so it is in a good location too.
I have been raised in Batesville for the vast majority of my life, and it Batesville is in my opinion one of the better examples of a small town in the nation. With excellent schools, a wide variety of food, and a quiet, small town atmosphere, Batesville is a great place to raise a family. The town also boasts more business opportunities than would be expected, as the town boasts several headquarters of international companies and a strong cadre of thriving local businesses.
Perfect, charming little town with artistic German influences. Friendly smiles and waves are just the beginning of the cordiality of its residents.
Batesville is a great small town. It's perfect for raising a family. It has a great school corporation and is very safe.
There is very little crime in Batesvillle and I have never felt that I was in a dangerous position.
I would like to live on in a bigger city where there are many more opportunities available to everyone.
There is not much crime in my area. The largest problem that causes crime in my area is the drug use of others.
The atmosphere in my area is a loving environment. There is not many people in my town and it seems as if people care for each other. My family lives in this area and after graduation I hope to move back. This is also an area where I want my kids to grow up in.
Every town and city comes with its own crime, and our city does well when we there is an issue. Our police is good to coming up with a solution.
The city I've lived here all my life and have felt safe and comfortable my entire life of being here. Living in small town you may think your opportunities aren't all that great but in reality our town has great and bigger opportunities than some cities.
The police are always seen on the job, keeping our town safe.
It is a great town to build a family.
I liked growing up here
The safety of Batesville Indiana is honestly great. Batesville is always stressing the importance of staying away from things such as drugs and making it positive. I do not see the police very often pulling people over, but when something comes up they are there quickly and solve problems.
Batesville Indiana is a quiet small town with the same atmosphere. I would live back in Batesville if I had to, its a great small town. The only thing that can bother me about it is that everybody knows everyone and rumors spread rather quickly, even if they aren't true. Compared to the rest of the country, I would say that Batesville is average in terms of quality of living and comfort. I see the future of Batesville going from a small town with a lot of agurcultural ties to it being more city dominant.
It's ok. The homes are small in this neighborhood.
There isnt much to come here and visit
You never know what the weather is going to be like day to day
There's not much to choose from and most arent open past 9 or 10pm
There isnt to much to offer as far as employment is concerned
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