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I have lived in Batesville 22 years of my 26 years of living. Ideally, Batesville is for a retired family or an already established family. It is not somewhere where a young professional would want to get their life started and it has little to none job opportunities. However, this would be a great place to start a family. Also, Batesville is constantly being developed and is slowly, but continuously evolving.
Batesville, MS is a small town with lots of character. Just 25 miles from Old Miss University and the home of the South Panola Tigers, national credited high school football team. Great place to raise children and enjoy some good old fashion fun.
I love my home. I would not want to live anywhere else. It is small, but not too small. There are places to eat and stay and things nearby to pass the time.
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Its a safe place to live.
Safe place to move and start a family.
There are more people moving out of Batesville then there are coming in. To get a better education in this town, you have to attend a private school. The public school education is very poor, and focuses more on sports. Batesville was once a huge town, but is slowly decreasing. If you have grown up here though you would enjoy it more for the country side.
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