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Batesville is a nice small town. It is close to larger areas with more shopping making it very convenient. Great place to raise children.
Batesville, AR is a medium sized town with more banks and churches you can count on both hands and feet. I've lived here through out most of my middle school, and high school years. The people are so welcoming and nice. Arkansans as we are called, will show you the most hospitality and respect a human being deserves. The Natural state (another Arkansas nick name) has the most scenic views and is a wonderful place to raise a family. Not to big but not to small.
I love living in Batesville. It has one of the best school districts in the state for kids. There is not alot of crime. There are plenty of sports to get involved in.
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Batesville is a great town on the river, with great restaurants, golf courses, activities, schools, and entertainment.
Batesville is a small town gossip central. Unfortunately the drugs have taken over there, but it would improve alot if the town had more things available to do.
Elizabeth's Restaurant was one of the best places I have ever eaten! Wish they would fix the road on main street soon to make driving around easier
I have grown up in Batesville and overall it has been a wonderful place to live. It is one of the few towns left in the world that resides in a dry county. Due to that fact, the litter is reduced to a minimum and the drunk and disorderly charges are few. The White River runs through the middle of the mountainous town providing for hours of entertainment and scenery. A nice place to live generally, I only wish the chicken factories didn't create as many unpleasant smells on occasions, and there were more industries.
I've lived in Batesville for a long time and I've always liked it here. The park is nice and has all kinds of festivals going on there. Its slowly growing here. There's plenty to do but not to populated. The school system I like also. I guess the only thing I can complain about is the constant construction on the roads. Kind of gets in the way of travel.
Batesville is a beautiful small safe town with lots of room to grow. It is overall safe and not too busy. I recommend this town for a family or people who like nature. There are many areas around here to explore.
You need an option for GED's otherwise it is excellent and appears to be user friendly! I just entered my information and already I'm applying for scholarships.
It is a very beautiful town that is slowly expanding. We need shops and places open past 10 pm and more to do.
Batesville is a small but quickly growing town. We are soon opening a new community center w/ waterpark.
Batesville, AR is a great small town with excellent public schools. It is a very safe community where many people chose to raise their families.
I just moved to Batesville a year and a half ago and I absolutely love it here. The people are all so friendly and the view is absolutely spectacular. The only thing that I would change is the chicken plant being right in town. The smells are horrible. Other than that though it is a very lovely place to live.
Crime rate for the area is high.
The future of this area seems the crime rate will rise.
The weather here does not make up its mind. Sometimes its very cold in the mornings right now and warm in the afternoons.We pretty much recognize every person we see here in this place because of it not being so big.
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There could be more options to eat out at, but the town is a nice town.
There isn't much coming into the area, and many shops have closed. I love my town, though, and am excited about the waterpark that is replacing the pool.
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