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I have lived in Batavia for about two years now. It is a nice small community. I think there needs to be more fresh food options and less fast food options.
I would love to live in Batavia again, but I also want to experience different types of living places.
Not much crime here, as it is mostly surburban families.
Review Batavia Township
All there is to do in this area is eat fast food, wash your car, and get your oil changed. Lack of activities for children because of very little sidewalk area and busy roads. It's an average place in the Midwest.
I've lived here my whole life, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
This area is nice, it has all of your basic needs close by. It is an easy drive to Wal-Mart, Planet Fitness, and McDonalds.
I don't have much to say honestly. The neighborhood is nice and peaceful, and the neighbors are nice as well. The weather patterns are to my liking, and being that the house I'm in is next to a forest, I'd say it has a nice atmosphere as well as a decent amount of wildlife. I can't rank it t everywhere in the country as I'm not familiar enough, though I can say it is the best of three houses I can remember living in. As for the future, I can't really say. People seem to move fairly often, so I can only expect that to continue, but I'm not sure of much else. Whatever the case, I quite like the location. If I had to do it all again, I'd certainly move here, even if I couldn't get the same house.
There are a lot of housing options here.
I feel safe here. Not much crime.
There is not a lot of communication on what the government is doing for me and my family.
The winters have been horrible the last couple of years.
No late night food or bar options in this area.
I don't think there are a lot of high paying professional jobs in this area.
A wide variety of stores are in the area. Would like more Mom and Pop shops.
The most popular resturants in our area, aside from The Golden Corral buffet, are Long Horn Steak House and AppleBees especially around dinner time because of happy hour. people love that applebees has great drinks at half price everyday during the week and that they have great food and sports always on the televisions. people love longhorn because it is a great sit down place to just sit, relax, and enjoy great food and maybe even some grand drinks especially around 5 when they normally run great drink specials. overall these would be the two top places I would recommend to anyone in my area because of the great ambiance of them.
A lot of people in my area work for either the local school, hospitals, resturants, or stores. many people working in the schools and hospitals are very happy to work there and those working at resturants or stores are either saving to go back to school or are using their job to pay for classes. the job market in my area is alright especially when new stores are added or old stores are expanded creating more job oprotunities.
Jungle Jims is a great place to get all sorts of yummy food and cool items from all over the globe. we have a smaller version of the original store where I live, but its just a great and fun as the original location in Farfield, Ohio about an hour from our store location. I would say that this store is very popular where I live and one can get most everything they need from it and the stores connected to it.
Review Batavia Township
We live in a community where the houses are all built with similar specifications. Outside our community in the downtown Batavia area, the houses are older and poorer housing options exist
would be very disturbed if pot was legalized in the state. Our are could be greatly affected from pot growers
there has been a recent increase of heroine usage in the area as with most of the country. Becoming more of a noticeable issue. Worries me while driving
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