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There is definitely a great sense of community in Batavia, but there is not a huge downtown scene. despite the lack of a massive downtown scene, there are plenty of opportunities for small businesses.
It is a great city for families. Overall, really safe, good schools and nice people. There is a lot to do in the area and you are far enough away from Chicago that the hustle and bustle doesn't really exist. It is a great community for sports and many different options of things to do.
Batavia is a great town for families. Having lived here since early elementary school, I can say that Batavia schools are great. Batavia could be better with more sustainable stores downtown.
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Having lived in Batavia my whole life I have to say it is a great place. It has great schools, and a decent array of everything you can think of. It is a comfortable town where families go to sporting events at the high school but you don't know every single person there. It is close to Chicago by train or car and it gives kids the opportunity to go to school close to home but feel like they are getting away. Of course as a teenager it always feels like there is nothing to do, and there isn't a ton of options besides going out to eat, seeing a movie, or going to an event at the high school, but most nights you can find something to do. Batavia is a good place to call home.
Batavia is one of those small towns where everyone has the potential to feel like they are at home. There is always something for people of all ages to do and the sense of community is huge here. I grew up here and would love for my future kids to grow up here too.
Nice suburb without too intense of a "suburbia" feel. Good school system, but doesn't compare to nearby schools in Geneva and Naperville. Many stores conveniently located on Randall Road, as well as close proximity to the Geneva Commons. Downtown needs work. Fairly safe area, and overall decent people.
It's a great city. There's not much to do in Batavia itself for young adults, but the surrounding cities have a lot going on so there's great food and shopping and bars really close by.
There is not that much crime in Batavia. You barely even here us on the news. It is a safe place to raise your children.
They have a great school system. The teachers are very involved. It is a small little town. It has very nice people living here. The entertainment in Batavia is at an low. There is nothing really exciting about living in Batavia.
Very diverse housing. There are mansions in some places and apartments in others.
Batavia is a great place to live and has a strong sense of community. It is diverse but also a moderately tight community.
There is not a lot of crime in the area. Mostly just domestic disturbances or kids getting into things they aren't supposed to do
Pretty good area. School system is not bad, the town is safe and the community culture is open and fun.
Small town with social services for elderly, disability and food pantry. Lots of charity and community outreach programs. I have lived in 3 other cities and this one has the best small town feeling with the immenities so you dont feel like its rural.

Its family friendly and community oriented getting involved in city volunteer work is important and key to feeling like you belong.
I genuinely think that Batavia is a great town to raise a family in. I used to live in St. Charles then moved to Colorado. After Colorado, we moved back to Illinois and found a house in Batavia. I am glad that my parents made the decision to move back from where we lived before. The town that we lived in Colorado is definitely a town I would not want to grow up in. I always think about what my life would of been like if we grew up there. Colorado is known to have a high rank of drugs. Batavia's problem is just the delinquent people whom just love to drink and make poor decisions, but that is just my personal oppinion. If you went to Batavia High School, then you most likely know everyone and their families. You also know everyone's business. Nothing really stays a secret around this town. It is a small big town. It is a very friendly town. There really isn't that much violence, I think that the violence comes from the town next door, Aurora. I ranked this area "okay" because like the rest of people from batavia, its sort of a trap. Once you're in here, you don't really ever leave. Once you leave and come back, you notice that things stayed the same.
Significant drug users and drug "culture" and you never hear or see the police interfering or trying to stop or even reduce drugs in the community. On the other hand, they are great for everything else.
This neighborhood has a great atmosphere. There is a noticeable amount of drug use/users and If it was my choice knowing what I know now, I would second guess living here but not completely rule it out.
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There is a good balance between big and small houses. Knowone cares how big or small your house is in this town. I have not seen any abandoned houses.
Everyone comes together to support our sport teams. Its such a great feeling to see everyone supporting you and having so much love for the town we live in.
I am 18 and have lived here my whole life. I love Batavia and would not have wanted to grow up anywhere else.
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