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Batavia to me is the epitome of average. There are many aspects I love about Batavia: the small businesses, the atmosphere, and the safety. However, Batavia lacks racial and religious diversity, entertainment, opportunity, and innovation which is what pushes me to move to a more progressive city.
I like most things about Batavia, I have lived here or close to here my entire life the only issues I have are that some of the younger people that live here can be inconsiderate at times but I feel like that happens anywhere you go.
Nothing to do here except go out to eat, and all the restaurants are tired chains except for the few hidden gems. The area is remotely safe, but the surrounding places can be sketchy. It is family friendly and has a few decent schools to go to, but the small town vibe can be suffocating.
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A conservative, small town with few friendly faces. The nearby homeless shelter serves for many wanderers around town. The most charming feature is the small town cuteness. It can be pretty adorable, early in the morning before the sun rises. Its cute.
I like my neighborhood in Batavia, Shayler Park. There are a lot of things to do. We have a park where we play basketball, baseball, and soccer. There is a children's play equipment area with a slide and swings. I used to use that area when I was little. Actually they recently got new equipment. I grew up using the old equipment. We were supposed to get a pool, but that never happened. That would have been fun. I've made a lot of friends in the neighborhood. Usually we meet at the park. During the winter, our park is great for sledding. The hills aren't gigantic, but they're pretty good. About six years ago, I broke my thumb sledding with a friend. I slipped on ice and accidentally went down on my thumb. It totally messed me up for baseball that year. I still went sledding the next winter. I really love my neighborhood.
Batavia is a nice quiet village to live in. I used to live in the city for years and already grown so adjusted to the country lifestyle. Though I wished that everything would be more of a walking distance since I do not have a license, it is still a great place to live in.
There's nothing really to change. There's a lot a traffic, but that's about it; Nothing can be done about that.
Batavia has a small town feel, but it's growing a lot. The best thing about the area is probably the school system, so it's a hotspot for adults with children that are looking for affordable housing. It's not terribly dangerous, but it's got a few bad people around. Then again, what place doesn't? There's not a ton to do around here unless you're a student, but if you want, you can always just drive to Cincinnati, which is just 20 minutes away.
Batavia is a small town about 20 minutes away from the city of Cincinnati. It is very quiet; there are not many stores or hangout spots within walking distance.
Batavia is a growing area with the newer schools being built around the area. It is so close to Eastgate where most retail and food shops are. All of these businesses are spreading out and will reach Batavia very soon.
Batavia is your average Midwestern town in southwest Ohio. It is surrounded by great parks, a lot of trees because it isn't overly developed, and plenty of eateries in the area. It's a 20 minute drive into Cincinnati, OH where one could catch a football, baseball, soccer, or hockey game. Housing is very cheap compared to the rest of the United States. People that move here tend to stay here.
Lots of food places and grocery stores. The Eastgate Mall is dying, and I'd like to see more entertainment enter the area to replace it, as there isn't much for teens and youths to do.
Overall, Batavia is not a good place to live. With poor recreation spots and a staunch conservative outlook on life, Batavia has no real appeal for the average person looking to start a loving family in a welcoming neighborhood. My advice is to avoid Batavia at all costs.
Lack of diversity, still self-minded. If you are from abroad, I'd think twice before decide to reside here.
Very welcoming small town atmosphere while still being close to the city. I would love to see more restaurants of the non fast food variety.
The traffic is awful, especially during rush hour. However, cost of living is pretty good and it's a short drive away from a state park.
There isn't much in the way of businesses or things to do. If you're a fan of white, lower middle class, straight, cis-gendered people than you'll love it!
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I moved back to Batavia 2 years ago, and I absolutely love this place. Schools are fantastic, close to shopping and only 25 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati.
Batavia is a small quaint area to live in. They have just recently made downtown batavia more updated. Downtown batavia has been turned into a beautiful area filled with tiny stores to shop around in. Right around the corner is sycamore park where I remember having family get togethers. My fiance and I always go there to grill out. The local boy scouts get together there and have their meetings. I love Batavia so much. They are just finishing up the new school down the road from where I live. I've never seen such a big and beautifuk school. This area is growing bigger with each passing day. Its a lovely place to raise your family.
Friendly neighborhoods, great people and a lot of interesting places to see and go to. Our family moved here more than 20 years ago and we have stayed every since! I went to school here, have a job here and would also raise kids here when I get married!
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