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The town spends exorbitant amounts on our police, and they are very present and active with the community.
Greenwood is a great town for those seeking to escape city life for a more southern, pastoral place to live. Though it is small, we have strong police and education systems. Overall, the quality of living is high, for some of the lowest costs in the U.S., and everything you need that's not in town is only a 20 minute drive away.
The restaurants are mostly fast food with exceptions of Mexican or Chinese restaurants so that isn't the best, but there are plenty of big company stores, such as Yeager's, CVS, and Walmart.
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For the most part there are quite a few job opportunities, but most people travel about thirty minutes to Fort Smith because it is a bigger city with plenty of job opportunity. The people in my area tend to have a variety of jobs, however, many are business owners or managers.
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