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My favorite part about Basin City is the small town aspect. It is a farming community built on the back of pioneers. Agriculture is everywhere which makes life beautiful. Living in a small town also have its limitations. Schools have limited funds and resources for education. Being able to grow up here has also taught me hard work, dedication, and fulfillment.
Since we are a small town we don't have much security. Theres not a lot of light everywhere but there is enough. For example the school, churches, and small local stores.
This area is small but very friendly. It spacious there a small school and they are very good at educating kids. It safe there a little crime happening here. It very quite and has a nice weather we see snow sometimes around Christmas and thanksgiving.
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The overall experience of this area is very calm, friendly, and small. The general atmosphere is of a very small town with farms and fields all around us. This town is shaped in the literal form of a triangle, everything else is fields for miles and miles and as far as the eye can see. Just around everyone in this town have worked out on the fields, it is just that many fields, that the employers are always looking for people to work for them. Teenagers tend to start working in the fields at a young age for the fact that there is not much to do in this town during the summer. After I move away to start my own life, I would like to live here again, it is a great town with great people. What I see in the future for this area is a lot of potential to grow. Being that we are in the middle of nowhere, we have plenty of space to expand and make this town bigger with more schools, stores, and houses.
Its a very small town with everyone looking out for eachother.
if your a farmer then there are opportunities
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