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I like how Bartow is a small town and everybody knows everybody, so know matter where you go, you know someone is watching out for you. While having everybody know you is great, it also means that they get in your business and cause drama. I do wish that there was not as much drama in the town as there is.
Born and raised in Bartow Fl. A small family oriented town. Bartow is a place you would love to settle down with family. Local businesses down town on Main Street. Churches with various denominations of your choice. Pubic or private schools available for your children. Police station, fire dept, local jail. Bartow is the county seat which means the court house is in Bartow. Dentist and Doctor offices to provide your health needs. Hospital located within city limits. For your shopping needs grocery and retail stores for example Publix and Walmart. Restaurants available for your dining needs, Hotels and motels available.
I truly enjoyed living in Bartow. I was close to Lakeland, so I could visit family when I desired to. Also, Bartow has a downtown area where you can find all the major government businesses, (post office, tax collector's, etc).
Bartow is a very quaint town located in central Polk county. Daily life here is relaxed far removed from the hustle and bustle of larger surrounding cities. The people here are nice and full of southern charm and hospitality is abundant as well.
It's a nice place to live. It's very family friendly and it's growing by leaps and bounds. I recommend anyone who wants a nice quiet place to live to hurry and move there.
There is no crime hardly in this area. It is very small and everyone knows everyone.
I like Bartow because it's very homey but yet there inst much going on. It is a small town and everyone is very friendly. you wouldn't be able to get lost very easy and if you like thing to stay the same Bartow is your place.
The police take their jobs very serious around here. You don't get away with things around here if you break the law there will be consequences. That's not always a good thing for your but for the overall safety of everyone else its what needs to be done.
I like the area I live in its nice and quiet people don't really mess with you or anything like that. You can just go on about your business and you don't have to worry about other people breaking into your house or stealing your stuff. Plus its a really quiet neighborhood and the neighbors are really nice. There's not really any obnoxious people around or anything like that.
Bartow is a very safe place to live. Mostly because there are policemen everywhere we go. There is also a jail in Bartow so cops would be available and come to your house quickly incase of an emergency. A firehouse is located next to the jail and it makes me feel safe that there are firemen there ready to help someone who is in danger. But there are hardly any crimes being committed compared to other cities in this state.
I've never felt unsafe in Bartow. Every town has their bad parts, and a certain degree of crime, but Bartow has never had anything major happen, and the crime level has remained at a minimum.
I love Bartow, I've lived here for almost 3 years, and it's great. The town is quaint and the people are very friendly. I wouldn't change it for the world
Nothing out of the ordinary for a town of this size.
Nice place to work and bring up a child. Small town living, but not tiny. We still have a Walmart. Not much for the teenagers to do, for fun. We are right in the between Orlando and Tampa. you can go to either coast for the beach in 1.5 hours.
This area is neither great and neither poor. I wouldn't want to live here in the future but wonder what would happen if I chose to do it all over again in another area.
If you love hot weather, it's great! Only major issues are sinkholes and hurricanes.
Most people around here either work at the courthouse, or some other company
There's really not much here. We have a pretty limited selection of restaurants.
There are many underground restaurants not that many people know about, but they are really amazing.
They don't seem like they get much business.
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