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This is an excellent place to live. People in this area are so much friendly. They are also very helpful. The government of Bartlett really take care of their residents, students. I really feel proud that I am a part of the community.
We love the small town feel of Bartlett. It is such a wonderful place to live . Very convenient . Great schools. We couldn’t be happier.
Bartlett is a very nice place to live in. It has very cute locations and it is close to Memphis which has a lot of fun sites. Overall, it is an incredible place to live.
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Bartlett is an overall safe and enjoyable place to live. There are plenty of places to shop, outdoor activities, and family friendly places. The community is strong and there are many outreach and church programs to help those who may be disadvantaged.
It is a very safe place to live. Pretty quiet. The neighbors are friendly. A lot of open space for physical activity.
If city life is not your cup of tea, this suburb of Memphis is perfect for you! I've lived in Bartlett for almost 10 years and I have no complaints. The school system is phenomenal, the safety is above and beyond, and it's close to many shopping centers.
Typically a very slow town. Good for families with children or older folks. There's easy access to plenty of good restaurants, and there's quite a few grocery store and gas station options as well. The parks are well taken care of. It's generally quite nice.
Have lived just outside Bartlett for almost 20 years and I enjoy the atmosphere of the community. All my shopping and daily activities are mainly in Bartlett. I highly recommend the city.
Bartlett is a safe place, and because of that the police have nothing to do but give speeding tickets . You should feel very safe in the city of Bartlett. Sadly, there is very little to do here.
I like being near grocery stores and different types of places to eat and easy access for clothes shopping.
Have lived here for a year and my family and I love it. This area has everything you could need within driving distance and the schools in the area are amazing. Life is very affordable and I am happy we were stationed here.
I've lived in Bartlett since I was 9 years old . It's a great neighborhood especially the Rivercrest area. The only improvements I can think of is Public Schools food and educators.
I have lived here almost my entire life now, and it does have its negative factors, mainly the weather, but the majority of the time it is great, has amazing events and lots of things to do, and has great food. Also, as a young female, I feel very safe here.
Have lived here my whole life and am comfortable here. The crime has spiked and im not one of these nosy people in Bartlett who think they are Bartlett border patrol but it is noticeable (not that i really care) I do not like the police though. They patrol the streets SO much and will ticket you for anything. They are also in your buisness.
Bartlett is a beautiful and clean city. The crime rate is low and there are police officers everywhere. Bartlett is kid friendly. It is near everything that you will desire.
Lived here my entire life. Its quiet most of the time. Theres less crime than Memphis. If you are looking to settle down with your family its a pretty good option but if you are looking for nightlife this isnt the location for you.
Average suburban neighborhood in a family friendly area. Nice and quiet. Schools are decent. Houses are affordable and the neighborhood is an average distance from stores, grocery areas, and other shopping centers.
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Bartlett is a town that has nothing going on. The schools aren't great and the area is nothing significant. The people are mostly old and then there are families. Living in Bartlett will get you nowhere in life.
Great schools, nice place to live and raise a family. The community provides great activities to participate, especially around the holidays.
Bartlett is a great place to live. There are plenty of parks and the educational system here is excellent. Its also very safe and plenty of good restaurants to eat at.
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