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Bartlett is one of the best cities to live in. The neighborhood very nice and well kepted together. The school in the district are some amazing schools. I have some very good neighbors, who welcome me into the neighborhood with open arms. I actually think Bartlett is one of the safest areas in Memphis.
I like Bartlett. It is a great community. The crime rate is low. The schools in the neighborhood are excellent. And the overall community is great to live in.
Live by Bartlett and it is an amazing suburb filled with friendly people ready to lend a helping hand.
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Bartlett is a family friendly community with good schools, a low crime rate and a healthy housing market. Taxes are about average and the roads, community common areas and infrastructure are well maintained and managed.
At first I thought it wold be a horrible place to live but It's not. It's really quiet and very friendly. This place would be best if your the quiet type of person.
I like living in Barlett because these's a lot of shopping center in this area you really don't have never leave from around your house to go shopping or just to catch a movie or out to eat. I also love that it stay clean around the small suburb an not much crime,an that the schools are better with the children as well,over all i give my community a five star.
There are many thing to do, such as going to the mall or a movie. There is a variety of restaurants that are quite delectable.
I moved to Memphis about 3 years ago from Florida. We decided to build our first home and looked into many cities to build in and agreed with going to Bartlett. We love it! We are far enough to feel like we live in the country but literally a light away from everything such as the mall, restaurants and stores. Bartlett is known for their amazing public schools which was a huge deciding factor considering we will want kids in the future and when our house alarm was acting up the cops were at our house within 5 mins.
Grew up in the area and love it. Close feel, safe area. Lots of restaurants close by. Not to much to do in the late evening. You would need to go to midtown or downtown
Bartlett is a beautiful, safe, friendly city. A suburb of Memphis which is the home of barbecue and the blues. We have the fabulous Memphis Zoo and the Pink Palace, and the home of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. We are a major transport hub, and are the home of Federal Express. it is also the headquarters of International Papers. It is a very safe city with an excellent police force. We have an annual celebration called Memphis in May which goes on for the entire month. We are located on the Mississippi River. We also have the Pyramid which houses the Bass Pro Shops.
Bartlett is an amazing city just outside of Memphis Tennessee. It is not too small, but not too large. Almost everyone knows each other and is a small knit community.
No longer a safe area as it used to be. Crime is definitely a problem. The police department is more focused on writing tickets to motorist for revenue than combating burglary or more serious crimes.
I have lived in Bartlett for a long time and my family loves the schools in Bartlett and the amenities that Bartlett has to offer. There are dog friendly parks and kid-friendly streets and neighborhoods. Bartlett is absolutely beautiful and safe place to live and enjoy.
People can be rude to each other, but there is a strong sense of family. Hot in the summer, a little unsafe. Good food. Small, but not too small.
I live in the suburbs so I don't know how much crime there is in the area. I feel pretty safe though.
I don't like Tennessee. I would much rather live in Massachusetts with my other family, but Bartlett has sufficed for the past 13 years.
It use to not be as bad as it is now. Sadly it has gotten worse.
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The area use to be very nice. The crime rate has has grown a lot
There is definitely crime that happens in this city but what city doesn't have crime going on. We have some areas of the city that crime is higher than others but it is not something to be very scared of. I feel safe going around the city. But I still lock my car and hide valuables just as everyone should. But I would not go out by myself around the city at night.
I love living in Memphis. Even though crime rates may be high or what it is known for, Memphis has so much more to offer. We have great culture, community and people in this area. We have the river, our music, Elvis, our famous bbq and so much more. I support local businesses around here which are amazing and friendly and what make our economy better in the city. The pride for this city is tremendous. We have a whole movement going on for it that we call Choose901 which is our area code. Everywhere you go in the city, you'll at least see one person representing the city. Wheather it is our Tigers or the Grizzles, the support is widely shown. We have so many festivals and concert and events that are for everyone from all sorts of cultures and ethnicities. This city is truly great and I see myself living here for a long time.
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