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I love Bartlett! It's safe, close enough to the city, and very family friendly. Everything I need is in a 10 min drive of home.
Bartlett is great, but don’t speed! Everything is close by, which is convient. Nothing happens here on the weekends, you’d have to go over a to a different town to find anything fun to do past 10.
Bartlett is absolutely the best place to live in Memphis, Tn. Its super quite, super low crimes and violence and the most friendliest people you will ever meet.
The schools are awesome and it is perfect for raising a family.
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In Bartlett, TN, I was really impressed when we first moved down here. The city is very family-orientated. The schools are pretty good, I enjoyed them when I was growing up. Bartlett is close enough to the shopping centers, but far enough away you are not bum-bared with the hassle of traffic constantly. They have a lot of family activities through the year from festivals to parades where you can just have a good time. The park selections are also great.
Bartlett is a very safe place to live and raise a family in! The security is on top notch so you know you will be safe and lots of fun Activities for both you and your family
Bartlett is a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. It is a very clean and quiet town. The residents are quite friendly. The is also very family friendly. I love living here and I would not change anything about this town.
Bartlett is an excellent community. There are great schools to choose from. I have been very pleased with the Bartlett school system from elementary to high school. The area that i live in is very clean and most people's yards are well kept. I really lime the Bartlett area because there are plenty shopping centers as well as places to eat.
I like how close amenities are to my home. Neighbors are fairly quiet. Yards are decent. Rent and market values for the homes are not incredibly high.
I love the Bartlett area. Everyone watches out for their neighbor and try to create a safe and united environment. Buying a home in Bartlett is difficult since you have many people looking at the area and the resale value hasn't decreased.
I am currently living in Bartlett,TN at Moriah House. I have been living here for 4 months now and I love this area. I have a 7 month old son and I have found him daycare here, a perfect pediatrician, I have found a bank and many other sources that are very useful. The community is very safe . I am from Memphis,TN and Bartlett is a beautiful suburb of Memphis. Bartlett is diverse and had a big Christian Community which is so great. I don't ever want to leave Bartlett. I choose to raise my son in Bartlett. I have found a college, Southwest Community College, and its in Bartlett. I love this area.
Bartlett is a boring little city with few restaurants. It's near a declining mall with rising crime. The only nice things about it are the city services and the parks. They need a major revamp and a new mayor. They've been too complacent and really need to wake up. There's crime happening here that would have shocked me a few years ago.

Plus, this place is just not convenient to anything! It feels like a chore to drive anywhere interesting in Memphis from Bartlett, especially from the outskirts where the newer developments are. Furthermore, they don't offer curbside recycling pick-up, though the drop-off location is nice. The library has some of the most dour librarians I've encountered anywhere, though some of the folks are nice. I can always tell when I cross back over to Bartlett because people are a little too in your business.
Bartlett is one of the best cities to live in. The neighborhood very nice and well kepted together. The school in the district are some amazing schools. I have some very good neighbors, who welcome me into the neighborhood with open arms. I actually think Bartlett is one of the safest areas in Memphis.
I like Bartlett. It is a great community. The crime rate is low. The schools in the neighborhood are excellent. And the overall community is great to live in.
Live by Bartlett and it is an amazing suburb filled with friendly people ready to lend a helping hand.
Bartlett is a family friendly community with good schools, a low crime rate and a healthy housing market. Taxes are about average and the roads, community common areas and infrastructure are well maintained and managed.
At first I thought it wold be a horrible place to live but It's not. It's really quiet and very friendly. This place would be best if your the quiet type of person.
I like living in Barlett because these's a lot of shopping center in this area you really don't have never leave from around your house to go shopping or just to catch a movie or out to eat. I also love that it stay clean around the small suburb an not much crime,an that the schools are better with the children as well,over all i give my community a five star.
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There are many thing to do, such as going to the mall or a movie. There is a variety of restaurants that are quite delectable.
I moved to Memphis about 3 years ago from Florida. We decided to build our first home and looked into many cities to build in and agreed with going to Bartlett. We love it! We are far enough to feel like we live in the country but literally a light away from everything such as the mall, restaurants and stores. Bartlett is known for their amazing public schools which was a huge deciding factor considering we will want kids in the future and when our house alarm was acting up the cops were at our house within 5 mins.
Grew up in the area and love it. Close feel, safe area. Lots of restaurants close by. Not to much to do in the late evening. You would need to go to midtown or downtown
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