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As long as it's sunny you'll be fine. I'll be honest, back roads in the winter aren't the top priority.
Houses in this area almost always come with a large yard and unique property.
While it can be difficult to reach police or fire stations, the help you do receive is fantastic.
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If you are not picky about where you work then you'll be okay.
Many great diners, just not the best for fancy eats.
The community is always friendly and willing to lend a helping hand.
Absolutely beautiful place to live.
Due to the lack of sidewalks it can be difficult to safely walk the streets. As well, there are very little transportation services that take you away from the area. It gets to the point where people point and laugh when a cab comes into town.
There are many locally owned shops in our town, including the local grocery store.
While there's not much crime, many of the streets are rural and do not have sidewalks or proper lighting.
While there are many things to do in the area, many of them draw a generally older crowd so there's not much to do for the young crowd.
The views around here are great and the people are always friendly.
There are very little gyms in the area and those that are available are extremely expensive.
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