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I moved to Barstow when I was 10 years old and always enjoyed the small town feel. My mothers family have been here since the late 40s and we've always liked that we are located 2 hours away from Vegas, the beach or LA. I am what you would call a desert rat! I grew up hiking and riding quads and dirt bikes way out behind the mountains. Having moved all over the country and somehow I always manage to come back to Barstow and now I'm raising my kids just outside of Barstow in Yermo but still come to Barstow everyday to go to school and shop.
The thing I like about Barstow is the community it self. The town comes together and forms events like the loose to win challenge to promote health, the walk for a cure to help spread awareness for cancer, and of course the chili cook off where everyone in the community comes together and partakes in festivities our city has to offer. Another trait that I like about Barstow are the local businesses, they are involved with our community and being such a small town we all have to support each other to thrive and succeed. The thing I wish would change would have to be the amount of the unfortunate roaming the streets making it unsafe to enjoy an evening walk not knowing the potential threats.
It's not a very nice town, although the new walmart is really nice. Many times people will walk up to you and ask you if you have any money. If you say no they will pull a knife on you. If you say yes then you will see them use it to buy drugs. Some people will break into your home even if your there and there is a lot of problems in the entire town.
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I enjoyed the desert sanctuary that Barstow provides. Rent and property prices are still affordable. Barstow Community College is a wonderful place for people to further education and seek a career opportunity.
Its going downhill with drugs and homeless people all over. Its a small little town and it shouldn't take much to clean up the street and make it beautiful again.
I lived there for over 5 years. It is not a bad place. It has been a decent and nice place I do not like the drive from fort Irwin but I do like the diversity of the culture there
The city of Barstow is located in the middle of the Mojave desert meaning it gets quite hot here, reaching around 120-130 degrees.
the city does not have much going and will be boring if you are used to the hustle and bustle of a large city. however, Barstow is only 2 hours from Los Angeles, 2 hours from Vegas, and 3 hours from San Diego. all in all, barstow is what you make it; if you want to have fun you have to make it yourself because this city is quite boring.
I actually live in a rural area outside of Barstow which is not supported by this survey. Barstow is the "big city" and it does not appreciate the contributions of the rural communities which surround it. Rural areas are excluded from events by companies because those events are only for residents of the "city of" Barstow. Barstow city hall makes decisions that affect the rural residents and will not take calls regarding problems with said services and refer us to a council member who never returns calls and is never available. Shame on you Barstow.
I like that Barstow is a small town, and that you can get any where real quick. Also there isn't much traffic so makes for an easy commute
Great community for start!
Barstow Community College is cheapest college in units compare to other colleges in California. College have a good programs for students success in education, free parking lot, small classes. Barstow located between Los Angeles which take 2 hours and Las Vegas 2,5 hours away, so for night life and beach day you can decide on same-day.
Barstow is safe and a family oriented town. There is not much crime and is pretty clean. I would recommend putting more stores and businesses here.
The site was easy to use and allowed for quick searching for scholarships. The surveys are simple and quick for someone with as busy a schedule as mine.
Barstow is a small town located in the Mojave desert, sitting on the I-15 and I-40, famous for being the halfway point between L.A. and Las Vegas. At first glance, as so many people have said, Barstow is "small," "nothing but gas stations," and looks like "nobody lives there." Having lived in Barstow all my life, I admit that there is some truth to these observations, but the quote "never judge a book by its cover" then comes to mind. I have seen the values to living in this small desert town. A benefit, and one that I often take advantage of, is because Barstow is in the desert, the outdoors are easily and readily accessible. I have gone on hikes, camping trips, off-roading, shooting spots, star gazing, and sand boarding all within 10 minutes of town. In fact, the love and appreciation that I have for the surrounding desert played a significant role in earning my Eagle Scout rank. It is because of its desert surroundings that all these outdoor activities are possible.
I'm from the east coast so there's a big difference. I'm not a fan of Barstow. It seems like an old town from an old Western movie. The one thing I like is the food. They have a lot of restaurants.
Barstow is a nice small town to live in. It is a good places for raising a family with out all the problems of the big city. It is still close enough to Apple valley and Victorville if you want to do things with the family. Also not to far from big Bear if you want to go up in to the mountains or go skiing.
I currently live in Barstow, Califfornia. I moved here two years ago from Bakersfield,Ca. Barstow is a small town, town is literally one big circle. This town is great for networking and creating happenstance. Although it has great positives it also has some negatives, which include, increasing crime rates, and an early stop time for routes on public transportation. If you have a car or are planning to get a car this town is a great start on a new life.
Barstow is a small town but it is ok to stop by for a quick snack, the little restaurants are good, but make sure you lock your doors.
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Barstow is a very small town in lovely California. Now, while the state might be great I can not say the small for this town. The streets are filled with homeless, most of the town is just dirty, and it seems like every person walking down the street in the middle of summer are not in their right state of mind since anybody who would be, would not be out. The best thing about Barstow is the small college away from it all where most of the people there are trying to leave and go live somewhere better.
Barstow is a very old and ran down town in my biggest opinion. There is very little to do for younger people. It is burning it's self from the inside out without any improvements to be given.
We haven't lived in this neighborhood very long, but so far there have not been bad things that have happened nor crime around our street that we know of. It is very quiet (other than the dogs across the street) and everyone for the most part seems to mind their own business.
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