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This is a nice town to work and live in. They do need to have more things for the kids to do. Jobs are a little scarce but there are jobs in towns that are fairly close to Barron. It is a very friendly town and a farm community.
The health of this area is not very good. Not a lot of people work out. Lots of obese people work here.
The houses are no the best looking, but the yards are big.
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The area is very full of wilderness. I like that the land is very nourishing.
The wildlife in this area is nice. But the incenerator is a threat.
The area is very safe, and the neighbors are very friendly.
There are lots of opportunities for public service; however, there is not a wide range.
This is a very safe area; it is not close to an ocean.
There is a range of job opportunities that were available to me in this area.
I don't really know much about nightlife as I am underage. But there are great resturant options.
Mega Food Co-op was recently rennovated up and has great selection.
Samolians have moved into this area because of Jenio.
My area is great for seeing a lot of different wildlife. I have a small park that is hardly used that is less than 1/2 mile from my home. The other park that is in my area is about 2 miles away and has picnic area, baseball field, swimming pool, skate park, and areas to fish.
The police are easy to find, there is some crime in my area but nothing that I fear.
We have a volunteer fire department, so it takes a little longer for them to arrive, the police and sheriff's department are in two different areas of the town so they can respond in good time.
We get all four seasons, sometimes we can have them all in one day especially during the winter months. The temperatures can average from a low of -30 up to 100 degrees. I have all types of clothes in my closet for all different types of weather.
The employment in this area is okay. We have Jenio Turkey Store, McDonalds, Subway, and 4 gas stations. Most people in this area are factory workers.
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There is not much to choose from where I live, you have to drive a distance in order to be able to eat at good restaurants and even farther if you want a nightlife.
Multiple types of business, unable to obtain all needs
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