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Barrington is a quaint town where almost everyone knows each other. It's a great place to raise kids, with lots of outdoor space and clean air.
My experience of Barrington NH, was amazing! I lived her in a time of need and they helped me out very generously, and the schools helped my siblings! I would love to raise my future children in Barrington!!
A good town, except the school district is going downhill. Friendly and mostly safe neighborhoods, great place for a family.
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It is incredibly expensive to live in Barrington, with little to no justification for the cost. There is no trash or recycle pick up, no salting of the roads, with mediocre snow plowing at best. Our road has not been paved in years, and recently our road name was changed, resulting in our having to change our address with family, employers, and bills. However, Barrington is a small, quaint town. You are paying for your privacy and for the wonderful school system. It is a really cozy location to raise a family, and seems to have become a more "up and coming" town in New Hampshire.
Barrington, New Hampshire is definitely a town that is good to grow up in. It's a fairly small and friendly community but it isn't too small. It's also surrounded by beautiful and fun areas. I don't think I would want to live here my whole life but I'm happy I spent my childhood here.
It's pretty safe here. You don't see the police, but they're there if you need them. Occassional break-ins, but not a lot of crime.
It's a nice, quiet town with good schools and nice people. Crime is very low. The only bad thing is there's not a lot to do if you don't have a car to get places.
It's been my home for 18 years and I've loved it every year
There are many roads that do not have any lights on them and given the mountainous area, this could be dangerous, especially during the winter. There has not ever been an issue with crime, though.
Where I live is nice because it's quiet and the neighbors are incredibly cordial. Unfortunately, though, everything is so distanced. The closest grocery store is 20 minutes away. But that's the price you pay for a spread-out quiet lifestyle. I would rather live a more rural, quiet area rather than a loud busy city.
I love this area of town. It iss beautiful and a great place to kids and the elderly alike.
There is nothing better than this area in the summer. With all the lakes and ponds around there is always something to do.
I don't see a lot of police presence in the area, but it's not really needed as the neighborhood is safe. The fire station is about 15 minutes away. I am not involved in local politics.
I feel incredibly safe in this area. I never worry about my safety. This biggest concern is the occasionally skunk or Fox wandering in the yard.
The winters can be pretty rough up here. This last winter was brutal and we had more snow and more big storms than I have ever seen. But the springtime and fall are beautiful and the summer is absolutely to did for. There are a lot of beaches within a relatively short drive (45 minutes) and lots of great ponds in the immediate area for kayaking, swimming, and fishing.
Most of the restaurants and bars are small businesses. The quality is okay but there isn't a lot of selection. I'd say breakfast is definitely the best around here.
I work out of the area and most of the people I know in town do as well so I don't have a lot of knowledge on this subject. From what I have gathered, there are not a lot of great, high paying jobs in the area but I think that depends on the field. I think it's alap a reflection of the small business density.
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There aren't a lot of stores in the general area but downtown Rochester is about a 15 minute drive away and there are a lot of stores there - convenience, a lot of mom and pop shops/smaller businesses and restaurants. There is also a gym and a few coffee shops - both small and big business. The closest gas station that's a bit closer - about 10 minutes away and there is a medium sized plaza ring near it that has a Kohls, PetSmart, Joann Fabrics, Lowe's, a few other shops and they are building an iHop. While everything may not be right around the corner, you can definitely get everything you need with a 15 minute drive and there are lots of larger towns around with a bigger selection of stores. It's a small price to pay for the peace, quiet, and serenity that exists in this area.
mixture of high and low skill and income work
there are some local business but i dont know of many that are thriving other than turbocam, int. there are a couple really tiny family-owned businesses that are a local attraction, but they're not booming.
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