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Barrington is a very safe place to grow up. Being a suburb of Chicago only 40 minutes away, you are able to enjoy the city culture while being in a spacious and beautiful environment. The school district is very nice and provides great academics and extracurriculars. The town itself is full of fun restaurants and cute stores, including an old cinema in the middle of town. It is constantly bettering itself and paving a future with support from the community.
A great small community with a great atmosphere in the "Downtown" area. A good selection of excellent restaurants are within walking distance of anyone that lives with in the village, and schools with some of the greatest resources and classroom atmospheres in the country. The only reason I give 4 stars in because of the village government which has done not much but try to make themselves more popular, mainly Village President Karen Darch, who has already been in office for 16 1/2 years. But otherwise one of the best communities in the midwestern United States.
Barrington is safe and clean and the schools are ranked nationally. Barrington town center is small, but charming. Barrington High School offers exceptional academics, fine arts, sports and many other extracurricular activities. Barrington is a great place to raise a family. However, property prices and property taxes are high.
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Barrington is an excellent town for children to grow up in. You get that community feel that kids and adults love. When you first move here, everybody is so welcoming and helpful. The schools and teachers are a big reason why almost 100% of students go to a four year college.
Barrington is a quaint town dating back to the 1800's. It was once known as a horse town. Today, it is very diverse and expansive. There is something for everyone, shopping, hiking, supportive schools, calm coffee shops, a resourceful library etc. Overall, there are five towns that fall under the Barrington city boundaries. Being large does not stop Barrington from being united, however. Downtown is where everyone congregates daily. If one really feels adventurous, a train station lies in the heart of the town that can take one all the way to Chicago for more fun.
Barrington is a very friendly, pretty community and there are many places to eat and the schools are amazing. Barrington is a safe area and everyone is very close. One thing I would like to see change in this area is the fact that some of the residents believe they are superior because of their wealth. Barrington has a sticker put on it that it is full of rich people which is false and I would like to see that aspect changed. This area is not full of "snobby" people and in fact there are some places in this town that are poorer. Other areas judge Barrington has the rich town which is not accurate.
I have spent my entire life in Barrington. The schools are pretty good, the teachers are a hit or miss. Some have some major egos. The people can often be full of themselves, but that comes with living in a wealthy area I guess. The downtown is nice, its clean with a few new restaurants recently opening up within the last few years. But it is a very small town and there isn't a whole lot to do there.
Barrington has many exciting and fun things to do. Many places to eat and just overall enjoy life. The community is very safe and close distance to Chicago.
I've been living in Barrington for 4 years now. Im in an interracial relationship and moved in with my fiancé. Honestly I dont see how they have a C+ here for diversity. Should be a red F. I'm using this site because thank heavens we're moving. It's lovely if your skin is not brown.
Barrington is a quaint suburb of Chicago with a population around 10,000 people. From it's bustling farmer's market in the fall or the lights that line the town during the wintery months leading up to Christmas, Barrington is a wonderful place to spend time in year round. It has small, family run shops and restaurants and boutiques, and boasts parks and wide spaces perfect for families with pets or children. Nightlife however is not very big, but this is understandable as it's a small suburb of Chicago.
Barrington Illinois lives up to its motto, which is a good place to live, work, and play. The schools in the town are top quality and there are many different stores to go shopping for your daily essentials.
Barrington is a wonderful suburban town outside of the city of Chicago. It is on the Metra train line so has easy commuting options to the city. Barrington has a cute, small downtown with several good restaurants and a historic movie theater. The Barrington schools are great and the Park District has a lot of wonderful programs. The only downside is the commute to the city if you are driving.
Feels safe as an area. General crime but nothing major.
It is a nice area. Wish there was more within the town itself (not just nearby areas).
I feel very safe in this neighborhood. I didn't like Barrington High School because of the people. I wish there was more to do in this neighborhood.
There are few independently owned restaurants in town, but not many.
Since the economy tanked, entry level positions that young people would normally fill are filled by middle-aged adults.
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It's a high-end boutique selling mostly women's clothes and accessories. The average resident would never be able to afford their clothes.
The houses have great variety.
Once employed, it's great. But, it can be hard to find a job.
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