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Barrington is a small town 20-25 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Barrington has a rich history, going back to the early 1900's. Very family friendly, and a very safe area. I've lived here for 17 years, and I hope to settle down here.
It's a nice small town with a great school district. The town is coming along nicely with everything that's being redone, but it would be nice if the construction on the main roads would finally end.
I would confidently say that the Barrington Area isa pretty safe and crime free area. I have walked numerous times along the streets of Barrington on midnights to morning and I have never experienced any hostility or danger in the area
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I Have lived here for almost a year now and I have never had a single problem within the area. The neighborhood is very friendly and accommodating and hospitable to us when we first moved in and the general safety of people is one of Barrington's priorities; with 24/7 rounding police officers that keeps the neighborhood a safe and a crime free area. Apartments and other rental properties are reasonably cheaper compared to apartments located to other city and sub urbs.
its in a good area. i live in the appartments and all of ours are the same. but the houses are big and small. regular 4 rooms houses with a big yard, very well kept
when i moved here i was very surprised how friendly everyone was. on the first day our neighbors bakes us cookies and told us about upcoming events that we should go and meet other people. even at school everyone was very friendly and would invite you to events. my town has a lot of events thats what makes us so close
the parks are very clean and safe and a lot of people are always there. we have a lot of out door activities as a community at least every month
the weather in our area is pretty normal all we get is thunderstorms. we never really get anything else
we have a lot of great place to eat in my town. small or big places. you will be very pleased with you food we have to offer in my town
if you go to any store in my town you will be very happy with the help they give you. they will ask you if you need help everytime you walk you to make sure you don't waste your time looking around
a local cvs near my house has a lot of what i need. they always have what i need, very pleased when i go in and find what i need fast. also the workers are very helpful when they see a costumer
You name it, we have it. And we have plenty of them. Sometimes it seems we have too many options and it makes one wonder how we can support so many, especially drug stores. It feels like there is one on every corner. Everything is so close, you could usually walk to get most of what you need or want.
I enjoy our outdoor areas and think they are taken care of pretty well, especially considering that often staff is cut back. I live in an area that is pretty urban, but where we have parks and lakes, and on the coast our beaches, the authorities work hard to maintain them.
Most crime in my immediate area is rumored to be domestic incidence. There are other types of crime, robbery, burglary, etc, but for the most part I feel safe. However, I stay alert. As mentioned before, previously police presence was much more obvious, with cars in the residential neighborhood regularly. Now they are rarely seen on the residential streets, doing routine patrol.
in our County, and the surrounding counties they do a good job of providing activities for all ages. Free Concerts in the park, kids shows, health fairs are some of the options in good weather especially for those who live here. For tourists, being 15 minutes from Philadelphia offers a vast array of historical, cultural, and seasonal events. The Independence Day Celebration each year is a week long event recognizing the birth of our country, and climaxing on July 4th with a concert featuring headline artists and an outstanding fireworks display. Also, we have great sports teams and are diehard fans with a reputation that is well known to many.
Sense of community in this area tends to depend on the individual. And individual can choose to be as involved as one would like. Being located near major cities, urban areas, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and get involved, both on a large scale in the city, or smaller scale within your own town. Many towns have pet friendly areas for dog walking etc, and many of the shops in the local downtown shopping areas have drinking water our for dogs, although it could be better. Many families tend to live near to each other, if not in the same town, then in adjoining towns. NJ has a high tax rate so this may change as retirees continue to look for more affordable states in which to reside.
For a very long time, Italian restaurants ruled our area. While they are still prevalent, there are many other choices continually becoming available. Mexican offerings have become more plentiful, as well as South American, Indian, Sushi, and a wide variety of other choice. Chain restaurants and fast food will always have a place, but there has been a growing trend toward more healthful eating. Also, gluten free bakeries and options in restaurants is becoming a much bigger offering.
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The majority of people fall somewhere in this area fall somewhere in the middle class; in South Jersey many tend to be Democratic, although some towns lean toward Republican. Religious beliefs are mixed, but most people tend to be heterosexual or keep their sexual preference somewhat private if not. People work hard for the most part, and neighborhoods are friendly. The areas has family friendly activities, with the most difficult group to keep busy being the older teenagers, which is probably typical of many towns/areas in the country.
The housing market in our area is still very slow to recover. Homes take very long to sell - at least 6 months and often up to a year. Most need to reduce the price in order to sell. Market is coming back slowly, even those who price their home well are not having success. Homes are abandoned and can remain as such for a long time. In our town in particular, the taxes are too high due to commercial and residential tax reassessments.
Fire, EMT's do a great job - they are heros. Police were very visible years ago, but now we rarely see them. They are highly paid people and not sure what they do or where they are; previously we would see the cars in our neighborhood. It has been years since that has been the case. Local reps and state reps - don't know what to say. Some probably are working very hard for the best interests of the people, others are working on their own behalf, for their own goals. For the most part the laws are sufficient.
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