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I like that Barrington is filled with friendly people. I have been living here since I was little and am privileged to live in such a great suburban neighborhood. I have been given a great education in Barrington. Although it is a small town, I have made many friends over the years and continue to do so. I hope to raise my kids here when I am older. It is a great, fun, small town filled with wonderful people. It's a great community.
Very quaint, kind town. People drive slowly and real-estate is incredibly expensive, but the schools are incredible and everyone is smiling. It's also filled with beautiful property that sits right on the water.
Barrington is a quiet, friendly, clean, and family-oriented town. It hosts countless neighborhoods and is one of the best school systems in Rhode Island. With plenty of nature (woods, ponds), a golf course, soccer fields, the East Bay bike path, and a town beach, you can't go wrong. Most people in town are like-minded; go-getters who want the best for their families. The community is one of the most involved that I have seen. Parent-teacher organizations are a strength, and the resources that are provided to children are seemingly limitless, which may be why the school system is so good. There is a solid foundation of support in town, from every direction. As far as entertainment goes, there are shops, two fine wine and spirits stores, and plenty of restaurants to eat at. The town library is lovely and right behind it is a town playground. This town is a family town and is to be adored by all who join the community.
All the houses are different on our street, some are a lot nicer than others. But for the most part everyone has decent or above average sized yards.
When we first moved to the area a lot of the neighbors were stuck up, but over the last 5 years most of them have moved and we have better neighbors now.
Due to the fact it's a small town there is not much crime and it's safe to walk alone at any time in the day.
Barrington is a lovely town with a great education.
The safety in this area is second to none. There are rarely ever any violent crimes, and if they were to occur our police force is quickly responsive and always visible prompting a quick reaction to any situation.
Barrington, Rhode Island is a beautiful place to live because of its small, friendly community, great school system and overall atmosphere in the town. Living in a place with about sixteen thousand residents allows you to make friends easily as well as continue to meet more and more people. These friends are people that you see everyday, at school, at the local coffee shop and just around town. Living in a community like this where people know each other and are extremely friendly makes life more comfortable and fun. Once making a lot of great, like mined friends you are given the opportunity to learn in a nationally recognized public school system. All the way through the ranks of Barrington's public school system, from elementary to high school, gives students all of the resources they need to be successful as well as countless opportunities to learn outside of the class room. Ultimately, living in Barrington, RI has been a great experience, one that I would not trade for anything. The community is always continuing to grow and prosper which makes me excited to have had the oppurtunity to live there.
The surrounding towns are not as safe and there are home invasions.
I love how quiet it is and the bike path is a great way to release stress and see how beautiful New England is.
Not much abandoned property. Houses are very nice, most residents keep up with their yards quite well.
Everyone makes an effort to support and get to know each other and almost everyone is respectful and friendly.
Incredible education system

Many Min. Wage jobs
This neighborhood is a great place to live. Schools are great.
This neighborhood has lots of children and dog-walkers. It feels very safe and friendly. It is a great location, with schools and services nearby.
The cost of living is high in this area and the winter weather is brutal. It is tough to get older here.
Barrington, despite the stigma of being a snobby privileged town, is a great place to live. While there may be those few exceptions of a snobby rich resident, overall Barrington residents are extremely friendly and kind to others. There's not a whole lot to do in the town, but there's enough to get people out of the house and spending time with friends. You can't go anywhere in town without seeing someone you know, that's for sure! Everyone in the town is very supportive and looks out for one another, which is a great quality for a town to have! Lastly, the resources for young people, including schools and the library, are excellent, and can't be beat many other places in the state!
The roads are full of potholes, thats New England for you though. Traffic is only an issue if you commute to Providence every weekday, and public transportation is alright, there are two bus lines in our town, both run to Providence every 15-30 minutes
The community is not for me, I personally never fit in, but I can definitely see for most people it is a great place to be
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