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As it is every where you have ones that belong in jail and do to over crowded jails and lack of accountability, there is criminals who are always around.
I would do it all over again. I would change the politics in the athletic department and give kids a chance to compete for positions and let them earn it. It is not about who you know or if you are a senior, it is about heart and commitment.
There is not a lot of crime within the city limits of Troutman. Police are prevalent in the area, and there always seems to be someone walking on the trail that goes thru "downtown", so there is always someone out and about. Everyone seems to keep an eye out for neighbors.
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I think this area is great. It is growing rapidly over the last several years, but it still has a small town atmosphere. I am sure there are other areas across the United States that would be considered better, but for me I love this place. It has history for my family and most of them still live in the area. I foresee this area growing in leaps and bounds in the next 20 years.
There are many stores in the area but they are very repetitive and sell a lot of the same thing, lack of variety.
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