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I say its only ok, because as a town for generations born after 1985, your economic mobility along with gaining substantial employment is low/hard. However, as a getaway, canadensis serves as a wonderful place to seclude yourself from bustling life.
Beautiful area and large lots with much space and tranquility.
Plowing after/during winter storms could use a bolstering maybe with more employment or more equipment. Same with year round road conditions can use improvements.
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No threatening crimes happen here. Mostly just little mischief.
Fall and Spring are the best. Summer and Winter aren't as nice.
Many service jobs in the area, not much that pays a livable wage.
Very good entry-level restaurants in this area, the food is good in just about every one of them!
Never had any issues with local business, but it isn't an outstanding experience either. I understand that people have bad days and people have good days, so even a single sour experience doesn't ruin a business for me.
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