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Barre area is a beautiful area. It is a great place to raise your kids. It is half way from Burlington, or West Lebanon.
Barre is a nice place but there isn't much to do in this small town. There seems to be an abundance of banks. There is a few nice museums based on history though.
There is a lot of drug crimes and petty theft, but police are fairly reliable and quick to help.
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It's true that crime is going up a bit, but so are the new openings of awesome shops and restaurants. The people are mostly great, and they genuinely care about making it a great, family oriented town. The food is amazing for such a small place, and new restaurants are opening up shops here more and more frequently. As long as you don't rent from one (of the many) slumlords, this is a great place to raise a family.
I've been living her my whole life so I really don't know any other living situation other than my college town/campus. I have come to love my town in itself, but the people who live here are very low quality people who steal and are constantly on drugs.
The area has a lot of history engrained in it which is extremely special. However, the people and area itself is struggling with a drug problem of heroin and other things which I hate because it really ruins our town. The outskirts of the city are still really nice though and families are doing well.
Not many parking spots. Main street easily congested.
There is traffic occasionally with just the townsfolk.
Very long winters. I love that there is all four seasons.
There are a few notable bars and restaurants in the area that are nice to go. Those few are pretty good.
I haven't been employed in my town. Because new businesses are coming, more jobs might becoming more available.
Many businesses come and go. The town is improving and main street is improving. There are multiple hardware stores.
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