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Great summer life and gets calm in the winter. Lots of families and local businesses. Opportunities for involvement in the community and local government.
A very family friendly community in a beautiful area, most known as an incredible summer vacation destination because of it's great beaches.
We have had no crime in our area.
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Despite the large drug problem and homelessness in the area there isn't a whole lot of crime that occurs outside of that realm. Home invasions rarely happen here. In most neighborhoods, if you leave your house or car door accidentally unlocked there is little worry that anything will be missing. You can walk down the streets late at night and not worry that someone is going to attack or mug you. The safety of this area is great, I have never felt fearful in this town.
I've lived in the little city of Hyannis my entire life. The Cape Cod atmosphere is always in the air with small shops, tourist attractions and the JFK museum. Currently there is an endemic of drugs and homelessness causing problems on Cape with local town government slowly finding ways to address the problem. Unfortunately things had been slowly worsening since the recession but now there is now an upwards trend to stabilizing the area. Overall it's been a good place to live with safe neighborhoods and little crime. There is a lot to do during the summer which masks the fact that nothing really happens during the winter.
Depends on the town or area you head into but for the most part it is almost always safe to be outside and about with kids and family
The cape is an amazing place for all class levels of people to love and live here. Alot of the people you meet here want to help you and talks to you and be your friend it's an amazing place no matter what village or town you live in
Barnstable is a very safe place. I never feel in danger.
I love where I live.
It depends on where you go, some areas are not as good as others.
The cape itself is a beautiful place to live. Hyannis just offers the most entertainment that is indoors. Also a wide range of food and general shopping centers. There's less crime than there used to be, but there is still a small homeless issue.
If you can afford it, housing in this area is great. I'm lucky, because my family found a house cheap because they knew the seller, but if you don't know somebody, it would be hard to find a piece of property that is inexpensive. But you can usually find very nice homes in this area. There are some vacant properties in the area, whether this is because of foreclosure or businesses couldn't make it through the winter. In order to survive as a business here, you have to be either a tourist shop, or you need to be something that is absolutely needed year round.
I generally see lots of police on the roads. It's a very safe place, generally, especially Cotuit. However, as you move into the Hyannis area, the heroin epidemic makes things a little more dangerous. But Cotuit is one of the safest places you could possibly be.
It really depends on who you are. Cape Cod is a great place for two kinds of people: tourists and retirees. It's basically a retirement community. For younger people, there is nothing to do, especially in the winter. Sure, in the summer there are beaches and cute tourist shops to visit, but this gets old very quickly. In the winter, the only place you can really go in the area is the mall. That's why the mall is always so busy -- there's nothing else to do. To have fun, you would have to travel an hour to get to Boston. My village, Cotuit, is even more of a retirement community. Generally, older people live here, and you're hard pressed to find children. It's quiet and peaceful, which is great for some people, but not for people who want to live near the action. Also, half of my street is vacant in the winter because there are so many summer homes in the area. And speaking of summer-- when the tourists arrive? The traffic? Forget it.
Barnstable is sheltered yet beautiful.
how many people can say they live on an island?! In the summer time it is the hot spot, attracting tourist and visitors from all around the world.
Hyannis itself is a dirty want-to-be city
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This is a seasonal, tourist area. In the summer time businesses boom, spirits are up, and there is plenty to do. The other 40 weeks a year employment is hard to come by, the majority of the population leaves, and the weather turns cold. This is a wonderful place to visit in the nice months, but living here can be limited. I'm happy I moved here because I moved closer to family and I enjoy the people I've come to know. But, it will always cater to tourists and not to year round residents.
I'm only 19 and I've lived here my whole life so I don't have much to compare to. It's Cape Cod. It's boring.
I don't know, I'm only 19
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