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Barnesville is the definition of a small town. Everyone knows everyone and all seem to be friends. If you need anything you can just ask and they will be happy to help you.
When we are in need of something, a trip to a larger city is in need. We can get a gallon of milk, bread, and general groceries for a large price in Barnesville, but not much more. We do not have any retail stores or any big companies here.
Being in Minnesota, the winters are freezing cold, and the summers meltingly humid. I would say I would live here again just because of how nice the people are in a small town, but I would trade this weather for anything else. The night life and fun things around here to do are very minimal and hard to come by.
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The only food options here are Subway and Dairy Queen, so I would have to say that this area could be improved. There is a Pool Hall for people to have their bar night. People usually go out to eat in Fargo, North Dakota which is thirty minutes from here.
It is pretty nice for this small town to have an indoor workout facility. It currently just remodeled and is a big hit in the community. Many people are either there working out or are running the streets of the town. When I work out, I tend to run the streets three or four times a week. We, however, do not have a hospital in town, but have an ambulance downtown that can bring people in need to the hospital thirty minutes away.
Barnesville is a town of 2,500 people so the traffic is very minimal. On a daily basis, it is very common to see walkers, runners, and bikers out on the streets. Drivers in this area are very kind to those who ride bike in the middle of the road and go around them. Parking here is everywhere and easy to find. The only downside is that there really isn't any public transportation for those who don't drive.
The job opportunities here are very slim and not the best for the majority. We have two gas stations, a dollar store, 2 fast food resturants, a bank, a school, and a couple of small privately owned business to choose from. The main job that can allow someone to support a family is teaching or working in the bank, but these jobs don't open up very often. For most of the community, the Fargo Moorhead area is the primary area of work so there is a thirty minute commute. I think it would be nice for Barnesville to eventually expand to the point that there is more of a selection of jobs for the people of the town.
This area is a very clean area that has little pollution outdoors. In Barnesville, there are five parks that are maintained pretty well and children are always seen playing on. We also have tennis courts, softball and baseball diamonds, outdoor basketball courts, and a lake. Of these, the lake is the activity in the community that I feel needs to be kept up a little more because it is really mucky and constantly has swimmers itch that children get. Other than the lake, the parks, activities, and green areas in Barnesville are very clean and used regularly.
In Barnesville, MN, there is very little crime that goes on. Occasionally we can see someone being pulled over for a taillight being out or a speeder heading out of town. Recently there was an incidence of a drug bust in town that was concerning because there was small children in that home. Barnesville is a very nice town with a typical safe small town feel.
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