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Underdeveloped commercially; Overdeveloped in housing. Big budget on police, yet they are never seen patrolling high-risk areas.
Barnegat is a nice town to live in. It is very family friendly. The new neighborhood are geared to young new families. The school system is great so far I am very pleased with everything I have experienced. The taxes are a little high and I feel this town need more local store but other then that it is great.
I like the size of the community but i feel that they should worry less about housing and more about the current residents.
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I grew up in Barnegat. It's great for little kids and old people. Anyone that actually wants to do anything without having to drive for at least 20 minutes will be miserable.
Some areas are better than others.
Its a small town with not much to do.
All in all, the town is very safe but there is crime every once in a while.
The town itself has great people living there. One downfall is that there are not many stores and restaurants within the town.
The housing really depends on the area. Some areas have beautiful housing while other areas housing is not favorable to say the least.
The community is great, most people get along and everyone for the most part is friendly.
There's really not much crime in this area and I don't find myself concerned most of the time.
It's an alright place to live, definitely safe, I just feel as if it's such a small place that there is little room for growth and opportunity.
Despite some of the town crime that has recently occurred in my area of residency, my community has made a great effort in preventing and minimizing the crime taking place. Additionally, we lack a grocery store in town, but another food business is pursing the property. Gas stations and convenient stores are nearby and the Barnegat docks are a beautiful attraction. I believe our school districts could use more funds, however; overall I would chose to live here again. Other places excel in many other ways, but I do see hope for our community.
I love where I live! I live 3 minutes from the Bay and 15 minutes to the beach and ocean. Atlantic City is 45 minutes away and New York City is 2 hours away! There is much to see and do here and there is really never a dull moment. The local schools and colleges are great. I see a huge growth coming to this area. Everyone seems to want to live at the Jersey shore for a slower and simpler life. I would definately choose to live here if I had the choice to do it all over again. I live where people vacation for the summer. It is beautiful here.
The Barnegat area is a relatively quaint neighborhood. The population seems to be steadily rising, the people are nice, and businesses seem to find their way into the area and thrive. Local family businesses are scattered throughout the town and the historical points are well preserved downtown, from the houses, to the old railroad tracks. The location is great, about 20 minutes from the Long Beach Island, 30 minutes from Atlantic City Boardwalk, about an hour from Philadelphia, and about 2 hours from New York City. The only negative point is the rise of heroin use, but it seems like heroin is popping up in the headlines all over the country. The schools and the police department are actively fighting the surge of drug use.
The area that I live in is generally a good atmosphere. You will always see all of the kids who live on my street outside riding their bikes, playing basketball, or even swimming at each others houses. Although I did not permanently live here until recently, I grew up here and I wouldn't change it for anything. There may not be to much to do around me but I'm in the middle of multiple cities and towns that get me outside and active. This area in the future will probably turn into a more congested area because of the township building new stores and adding onto current buildings in the area.
I rather live in the town that I grew up in my whole life instead, which was Pine Beach, NJ. But when I had to move, this was the next place I had to go, being that I didn't want to move to MD.
Review Barnegat Township
I'm not a huge fan of my town to be completely honest...the area is getting much worse do to the increased use of drugs especially heroin. We have already lost a dozen people atlas to overdoses. The high school's bathrooms have all been shot down due to the graffiti problem.
Mostly convenience/drug stores and fast food restaurants. Mini plazas are supposed to be built in the local area, however, that seems to have been delayed for some time.
Barnegat is not near many jobs. People need to travel elsewhere for good paying jobs.
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