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Everything is so far away from everything else. Unless you live downtown, it's a 20 minutes commute to most places by car
A lot of people in this area of southeast Ohio are very close-minded. That was okay for me growing up, but now that I've seen the world through college, it's not okay with me anymore. It's a great place to raise children, but those children will out of here as soon as they can. It's a boring place for young adults.
Four seasons happen in a matter of hours around here. The weatherman is never accurate. The weather is unpredictable and it gets to -20 in the winter, but then it gets to 105 in the summer. Spring and fall might last about 3 weeks each, so enjoy those nice temperatures while they last!
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Chain restaurants or local businesses. Either way, it's very affordable but generally a small variety
My career field doesn't exist in this area, but there is room for plenty of other occupations here
Everyone around here seems to be advocates for small town businesses. This is a great place for a "mom and pop shop"
Marietta is a historic town, bringing many tourists
It's a nice neighborhood, but too simple and quiet.
There are great quality hospitals nearby.
You can walk through town easily.
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