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I like the peacefulness of my neighborhood. The community is friendly and supportive to its residents. Barling is a great place for raising children and also retiring.
Barling is a beautiful, small town. It is right by Fort Smith, the second largest city in the state of Arkansas. We love our community and are very close knit. I love living here and would recommend it to anyone wanting a small, loving community.
It is a nice small town that feels very safe and a place where you can trust your neighbors. There is not much night life in this small town but in the next town over, Fort Smith, there are a lot more options open to you for night activities.
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There isn't a lot of traffic here in this small town. Drama is rare since everyone keeps to themselves. The cost of living is relatively low giving this town desirability especially being right next to Fort Smith.
There really isn't any crime that happens in my area. There are the usual here and there's that happen, but for the most part it is a very safe place.
I would choose to live here again because I believe that it is a great place to raise your kids. I grew a lot and made some of the best friends you could ever find. The education is great because all of the teachers that I have ever had were geared to helping the children reach goals and preparing them for life after school.
Don't miss the Fort Smith History Museum.
It is possible, in fact, it's probable, you'll be bored here on occasion. It's still a great place to raise a family. We are friendly, caring people who will go out of our way to give a stranger a hand. Our social structure seems to mainly center around churches and ballparks so you will be better connected if you're involved in both things. Our schools are solid and traditional and so are our values.
Hot summers, cold winters, gorgeous in the fall and spring.
Definitely not a great food town, we have trouble keeping family owned businesses open in favor of franchises where the food all tastes the same.
I have a great job, which I love, but the community as a whole does little to attract new business to the area
It's a small town so everything's just ok.
There are jobs, but a lot of them you need to know people to get the job. It's all about who you know.
You have very many varities of the different cost of housing and properties here.
We dont have big stores really, but the main stuff that people need they can get. Sometimes people have to go online to find certain stuff depending on what it is.
There are very many different kinds of people when coming to race, religion, sexuality, and there arent alot of problems between people. Only ever so often really.
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