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The people here are very nice!! Also they care about your well being. There are not a lot of people in this area so it is very quiet which I like.
Great place for families. Schools could be better. All they care about is sports. They don't offer great education for smaller children in special education. High tolerance for bullying.
I have been all over the world, but I have never found the same feeling of being Bargersville. There is a certain peace and down-home feel mixed in with humble pursuit of excellence.

The Center Grove School district is one of the best in the state and in sports, competes at State Champion level against the largest schools in the state (which are often 2x-4x larger).

The people here seem to really love life and care about the community, unlike most other places I've lived. It is more about the collective here than the individual. Snobbiness is not accepted.

The weakest spot is food and entertainment, but there are many new places opening up and the nearby destinations are countless (Bloomington, Nashville Indiana, Indianapolis, Franklin). The steady growth of the area rather than the booming growth other cities seek seems like a wise move that will pay off down the road.
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I enjoy that everything is super close in distance. However, I would like for there to be more food options near by.
There is absolutely nothing to do here. On the other hand, Greenwood is a short drive and there is a ton of things to do there.
I have lived in Bargersville for around 8 years and I have enjoyed my time here. There are restraunt options, job opportunities, and it is an extremely safe and family friendly area. The closest public school, Center Grove, is a very good school system with a reputation for excellence in academics and athletics. Unfortunately, this area is not very diverse, can be expensive, and sometimes lacks healthy options.
Apartments were built which brought rough people.
I grew up here, I love how comfortable I feel.
I have never been a victim to a crime in this area. The police presence is always shown, and neighbors are friendly.
I am glad to have grown up in this neighborhood. It is very peaceful, I have always felt safe walking the streets at any age. I formed strong, long lasting friendships.
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