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There is absolutely nothing to do here. On the other hand, Greenwood is a short drive and there is a ton of things to do there.
I have lived in Bargersville for around 8 years and I have enjoyed my time here. There are restraunt options, job opportunities, and it is an extremely safe and family friendly area. The closest public school, Center Grove, is a very good school system with a reputation for excellence in academics and athletics. Unfortunately, this area is not very diverse, can be expensive, and sometimes lacks healthy options.
Apartments were built which brought rough people.
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I grew up here, I love how comfortable I feel.
I have never been a victim to a crime in this area. The police presence is always shown, and neighbors are friendly.
I am glad to have grown up in this neighborhood. It is very peaceful, I have always felt safe walking the streets at any age. I formed strong, long lasting friendships.
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