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Bardstown is a beautiful small town with many up coming buisnesses. This town has grown so much the short 10 years I have lived here. I wish there were more places or things to do for the younger generation. There is plenty to do for the adults but children find it hard to have places they can go and do things.
Bardstown is a pretty town with several distilleries nearby, making it the bourbon capital of the world. However, the public school system is terrible. They waste money on useless "upgrades". Also, it has recently become rather dangerous. In the past few years there have been several murders and kidnappings. A police officer was murdered on his way home in a way that implied it was set up for him. Then, a mom was kidnapped and never found. And just recently a 17-year-old drug dealer was set up and murdered. Drugs are also a problem here, and there has been no procedures enacted that actually help restrict drug usage.
The old downtown area are absolutely gorgeous! It was voted Most Beautiful Small Town in America in 2013, and it lives up to it's title.
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Bardstown earned the distinction of most beautiful small town in the USA according to Rand McNally and USA Today. It is the Bourbon Capital of the world with at least 75% of the worlds Bourbon coming from here. The Basilica of St. Joseph is the Proto (first) Cathedral in the United States of America west of the Allegheny Mountains, the heart of the Diocese of Bardstown serving 10 states. Bardstown offers small town, good natured, not in a rush pace but within 30 minutes of Louisville and 45 of Lexington, one hour of Bowling Green and two hours from Nashville. Great downtown shops and history of Jessie James at the Talbot Tavern. Fishing, hiking, bourbon trail, horseback riding, all available. Great welcoming town.
Bardstown is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. It recently earned the title of "Best Small Town in America". The town is not too big, yet not too small, with plenty of restaurants and activities. It is convenient to Louisville and the airport, yet far enough away to not be bothered by big city problems. The people are warm and welcoming, the schools are great, and the overall community spirit is very present. There is plenty of wide open space, beautiful tree-filled areas, two near-by state parks, lakes, streams, and much more. There are homes of all kinds in all price ranges set amidst this quaint, historic, and growing town. Bardstown is also known as "The Bourbon Capital of the World" because of the thriving bourbon industry that surrounds the area, attracting tourists to the "Bourbon Trail", spurring continued growth. Bardstown is a place that should be fully considered!
Bardstown is an amazing town. i love how its so quiet. i move to bardstown from texas and i love bardstown more then texas.
Bardstown is a very beautiful small town located near Elizabethtown and Louisville. I love living in Bardstown and love all the small shops downtown, but I wish that the town had more sit down places such as O'Charleys.
Bardstown is not your average small town. From first glance it may seem like a boring place and may be compared to Lexington/Louisville, but it is a town filled with history and a decent nightlife on the weekends with their being lots of restaurants downtown.
I have only loved there a year and some however it is the most beautiful town. I am at peace in my home. I lobe riding around looking at all the historic buildings and land.
Bardstown is a beautiful town with some truly amazing people in it. However, with a recent turn of events, it is becoming less and less safe. Three murdered and a mother went missing in the span of just the last three to four years. I hope they are able to resolve these tragedies and bring a bit of closer to the family and friends of these individuals. My heart goes out to them.
Bardstown, KY is a great small town. We have been in the negative light on the news, but please don't let an isolated incident speak for the whole town. The people here are so respectful and down to earth. Many of our neighbors would give you the shirt of their back no questions asked. It's beautiful and there are lots of things to do. You can visit many of our whiskey/Bourbon distilleries. Alcohol not your thing great we also have many historical places to visit. My Old Kentucky Home is a great place to tour, and so is our Civil War Museum. Bardstown is full of rich history and beautiful scenery.
It is a very nice place however recently it has started to be torn apart because of a mayor anD police chief you care more about there personal cause more then the town's
Bardstown is an amazing small town. Everyone know everyone and most people get along. I love the fact that everyone is so friendly, if you ask someone a question they love to answer it for you then after have a 30 minute conversation about what's going on. However because Bardstown is such a tourist town that's all they really focus on. Nobody thinks about the residents or especially the kids. Kids here need a better community. They need a place that they can call home and want to come back to. Kids need cleaner schools and a safe place to enjoy fun times and make new memories. People in Barstown want to remember their times for other reasons besides the Bourbon festival, the Arts and Crafts fair and all the tourists that come here.
Bardstown, Ky is Americas Most Beautiful Small Town! The streets are lined with beautiful architecture, fine dining and quaint little shops. There is something for everyone here. Bardstown is southern hospitality at its finest! Visitors to Bardstown are welcomed with open arms. If your planning a trip to Bardstown, Ky you should schedule a tour of My Old Kentucky Home Park, have lunch downtown at the historic Talbott Tavern and end your day trip shopping downtown and having dinner at Mammy's.
The scenery around is here beautiful,but there's too much crime here. I'd like to see crime rates decrease, to make our living environment safer.
They are nice single level home and a few of them have basesment
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People live here for over 10 years
The town keep up the neighborhoods, when the grass is not cut at a house the will give the owner a ticket and so many day to fix the problem,. The police drive threw the neighborhood to to make sure it is ok. Right now it something going on with the major changing the police force. Over all they do what they are subpost to.
Bardstown, Ky is a very nice place to live. It is quiet most of the time, people are friendly, different types of jobs, and a very beautiful place to live. The town have alot of historical place in it, plus we are know for the distilleries in are town. They have four different school system you can choice from. They have beautiful home and neighborhood to live in. It is a nice place to rise a family. It's a place people enjoy visiting.
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