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A few people roam around at night and some places get robbed.
I would like to live here again if I had to do it all over again. The area is beginning to thrive and new restaurants and stores are opening.
There has been a few cases of robbery in the area but with an alarm system that most house have that probelm is solved. There hasnt been any gang active or violence nor vandlism. So I would say there is a very litttle crime in this area.
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The area is fine for the common working citizen but for teens and people younger it may seem slow and just not up to date enough. There is new places popping up just not fast enough for some people. Lately there seems to be alot more work happening in this area so it looks like there will be more to offer in the coming year. So it does have potential.
I see police every once in a while, but the area I live in isn't that dangerous. It's the neighboring areas where crime and drug activity increase.
I've lived here my whole life so I'm used to the same things. It's rather peaceful and much plant life. The one thing that has happened in the recent years is the development of businesses and more housing has increased b/c of the military community moving into the area. Not saying this as a bad thing; it livens the area and offers more activities.
I've lived here all my life so this is the area I call home.
I like living in this rural area, however there are so many new houses going up and too many new retail establishments too. It seems like they are always cutting down more trees and putting something else up. Right now they are widening the road and making some sort of roundabout in on Ray Road, which I think is a big waste of time and money.
I live in an area were you have to travel an hour or 45 minutes to get to something decent
Fire Station right down the street is excellent but the county police station is far away. Road services is horrible (tons of potholes). Politically i dont know much so i cant say anything
I live in a gated community so its secure. No man home invasions or theft occurring to my knowledge but we do have a dangerous community next door which is high in crime. A wooden fence separate the two communities so its a bit unnerving
We have a lot of storms so flooding is always an issue. Electricity goes out due to winds causing trees to fall. Recently we had a horrible tornado come through and destroy local businesses but its not a regular occurrence. Recently we had a pretty decent snow storm but it only happens for a short amount of time and the state is never ready for them when they do happen.
It's fast food so its minimum wage and horrible hours. Or you have to be a certain age for the market and have previous experience in that field. The area is mostly full of kids and teens so job applying is slim
EVERYTHING IS FAST FOOD. There is three restaurants and they are Mexican, Wings, and Bar food (which is blah). Other than these its all fast food joints
There isn't much around here. To get to the local Walmart it's a 30 minute drive. What is close by is two Food Lions, two Chinese restaurants that are gross, three dollar stores that are okay, subway, McDonalds, taco bell, kfc, Wing Co. frozen yogurt shop and a Mexican Restaurant. I am able to get everything food wise or cheap products but if i want to go to any retail area (the mall) it's 30 minutes away as well.
I am 20-30 minutes away from any big stores, so the only jobs people can get where I live are at establishments that sell and/or make food. People don't come to this area for their dream jobs.
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